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How to install Whatsapp on my Android tablet

WhatsApp is the star application of instant messaging for Smartphones. This application has revolutionized the world of communication in a short time, but enjoy it until now was limited to the world of smartphones. Recently have emerged different ways that now allow its use in other devices such as a PC or a tablet

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Types of driving licenses in Spain

There are a total of 15 driving licenses that are in Spain , so it is a bit complicated to know what each one of them is for. The Directorate General of Traffic grants these driving licenses after passing the corresponding theoretical and / or practical tests, and certify that they possess the psychophysical aptitudes

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How to put a lot of clothes in a suitcase

When long, long trips are made, many things are necessary to transport. But especially it is the clothes that occupy the most space since it is the main concern of everyone who travels. So you can take a lot of clothes in your suitcase and do not have a bad time on your trip, we leave you a series of very interesting tips on how to put a lot of clothes in your suitcase

How to download books from Google Books

Google Books is a great tool that makes millions of books available to all Internet users completely free and easily accessible. However, this utility is only available online and, if you find an interesting issue , you can not download it. Or so it seemed until now. With Google Books Downloader, compatible with both Windows and Mac, you can download the book of Google Books you want in

How to care for the shell of a terrestrial turtle

The terrestrial turtle is a wild animal so if we have it as a pet we have to try to reproduce, as far as possible, in our home the living conditions that would be found outside. The fact that he lives in a suitable environment will be noticed in his shell . In addition, a varied diet and direct contact with the sun will also contribute to this goal

How to contact King Philip

Since June 2014, Felipe de Borbón is the King of Spain . The one who was until then the Prince of Asturias now is Felipe VI and his daughter Leonor has become the princess of Asturias and the first in the line of succession of the Spanish crown. In this article we will explain how to get in touch with King Felipe, you can also leave your message in the comments area.

How to be a more empathetic person

Empathy is the ability to put ourselves in the shoes of another to better understand their circumstances, their way of thinking or feeling. For this, we must remove all kinds of prejudices and develop our capacity to listen. Empathy is a quality more and more demanded among the individuals of a society, as well as in the work where it is highly valued to have empathic people in the teams

How to sell old textbooks

If you finish the fall, spring or summer semester in college and want to get some money from your old textbooks by reselling them, there are a variety of ways to sell your textbooks . Once you have resold your textbooks, you can use the money you receive to buy your next series of textbooks or whatever you want

How to open an online store

Online stores have become an excellent alternative for those who seek to develop their own business without the need to have a place and all the expenses that this entails. Internet is the king of modern society, and more and more people make their purchases through the network, but developing the online business is not easy and you should take into account some recommendations to do it successfully

How to save in the management of my business

Managing a business has never been a simple task and even less, in times of economic difficulties. That is why it is essential to carry out all possible small and large actions to optimize to the maximum and save as much money as possible. Therefore, since we want to help you and we explain some tips on how to save in the management of my business

How to know if my dog ​​has mastitis - knows the symptoms

Canine mastitis is a very common condition in bitches that are nursing their puppies, are newly born or have several days or weeks of small, but can also occur in bitches with psychological pregnancies. This condition is an inflammation and infection of the breasts that can cause great pain and discomfort in the bitch

How to make a business project

For the realization of a business project it is necessary to know perfectly what are our main objectives and what services or goods can compete in the market. You have to know how to explain in no more than 2 pages the origin, the motivation and the objectives of the creation of the company. If you want to start a business project you have to have a necessary economic base to be able to prevent mistakes of beginners and thus ensure the future of the company