How to feed a baby cat

A small cat inspires protection and tenderness, but among the recent owners there is always the question of what will be the best way to feed it, since this will depend on whether the animal has been weaned or not, for that reason and to dispel the doubts, in .com. we give you some suggestions about how to feed a baby cat

Steps to follow:


If for some reason you find a cat too small, or newborn, that clearly has not yet been weaned, you should know that you can only feed it with milk. The specialists indicate that it is necessary to look for a milk of the maternal type in a veterinarian, so that the animal can process it, but in case of emergency the skimmed milk will work


Because the animal is very small and possibly the smallest bottle you find in a veterinarian will be very big for him, it is best to feed it with a 3-centimeter syringe without the needle, put the milk to the top and go pressing the syringe slowly so that the animal drinks, until satisfied


If the kitten is less than 15 days should eat every 3 hours, if you have between 15 days and a month, every 4 hours, if you have between a month and a month and a half every 4 to 6 hours, here you can take milk in a dish, more than 1 month and a half can be incorporated solid food mixed with milk or water type porridge


If your cat is weaned you should give special food for puppies, which contains all the benefits and nutrients you need to grow, consult your veterinarian about the need to mix the food with a little water or milk


If you also find a newborn cat in the street, you should not only feed it but also stimulate it to defecate and urinate, because if they can not. Your mother is in charge of licking your genital area to produce the stimulus, for lack of it, soak a little cotton with warm water and pass it by his genitals and anus, if you do not do it the kitten is in danger of dying


If you have any concern, consult a veterinarian