When to bathe a cat

There are two things that are popularly known about cats: that they hate water and that they are very clean. Although both are true, if the cat is accustomed from puppy to be in contact with the water, when presenting the need to bathe the experience will not be so traumatic for the animal or for you. However, as we have already stated, the cats are very neat, so why bathe them? In we explain when to bathe a cat .

Steps to follow:


If you are new to taking care of a cat, there is something you should have very clear: cats are very different from dogs, so they deserve different attention. And is that the felines have their own grooming system, the grooming, which allows them to be perfectly clean without the need to use the bathroom.

A healthy and homemade cat may rarely need a bath, but as we never know when it will happen, the ideal is that from 2 to 3 months old, we will accustom it to water, so if it is time to bathe it we can Do it in a simple way.


In addition to the grooming, if you brush your cat's hair every day it is very possible that he does not need a bath but in very specific situations, because with this habit you will be helping him to stay even cleaner.


But then when to bathe the cat? The most common situations in which you need to help with a good shower are:

  • When the cat's skin has been stained with grease, a lot of dust, mud or dirt, it will be difficult for the animal to groom and clean itself completely.
  • When the coat has fallen some chemical or substance toxic to the animal. In these cases the bathroom is essential.
  • Especially in cats with long hair, when a lot of fat accumulates in their fur or when knots are formed that it is impossible to eliminate.
  • If the feline has any condition on his skin that requires the use of a special shampoo.
  • In any other situation in which the hair of the cat is affected and it is necessary to clean it.
  • If the veterinarian, for any condition, recommends it.


It is possible to bathe your cat at home but you should know that if the animal was not used since puppy the process can be really traumatic for both your pet and you, because the cat often becomes a beast. If this is the case, nothing better than taking it to the veterinarian or to an animal shop so that a professional can give you the bath you need.