5 fun exercises for my cat

If you live with a cat you will know that they sleep for many hours, but when they are active they do not stop for a second. Although not all domestic felines are the same, usually when they get bored they notice anything in front of them and start playing with it, but if they do it alone they quickly lose interest. It is good that we play with our partner and do not let him spend the whole day without moving. Do you know what are the best ways to spend time with your cat? In addition to cuddling on the sofa, it is good to reinforce your bond with activities that may mean something different for your cat friend and help break the monotony and move. From .com we want to give you some ideas so that you can spend fantastic moments with your hairy one, continue reading this article and discover 5 fun exercises for my cat .

Circuits for your cat to have a great time

One of the most effective ideas for your cat to have a great time, whether you are with him or if he spends some time alone and wants to have fun, are the circuits that you can prepare yourself . It is about you converting one of the rooms of the house, preferably in which the cat will spend more time, in a playroom for him. Surely you have at home or you can easily get wooden boards or shelves, boxes, tubes minimally wide so that your cat can go through them without problems and other materials that occur to you. Make sure that none of the pieces you are going to use have nails, splinters or leftovers that could harm the cat, and if you can, cover these materials with some cloth.

You can place the wooden boards as if they were walkways or ramps of the agility circuits but smaller, or you can place them on the wall as a shelf at different heights but close enough so that your cat can climb and jump from one to another . Place also a box of different size only open on one side or two sides creating a tunnel for your feline companion and, among these pieces, you can place tubes for your cat to pass through them. It is recommended that you change the order of the pieces from time to time so that the cat does not end up bored. You can also buy a kit for cats that has tubes through which you can pass a ball or food and the cat will have to zoom out to get them out of there by some holes that are along the tube circuit.

A good idea to make the circuit more fun and your cat has more incentives to move is to leave pieces of food at specific points in the circuit, a bit of feed or tin pate that you like so much will be the best option. Try placing this food in places like the corner of an elevated shelf, the end of a tube or on top of a ramp, this way you will get your cat to decide to explore these pieces and you will not only get exercise and have fun, but also you will also challenge your mind and your sense of smell.

Boxes, the great allies against feline boredom

As many people already know, the cardboard boxes that we throw or use to store things, for the cats are great treasures. There is no bed that exceeds a box, however small it may be. The felines, whether domestic or larger cats, do not care about the contents of a box, they do not care about the new toy, if they see the box they just want to get into it, either to hide and leave it while running. unless you wait for it or to take a long nap. For this reason, if you want a fun exercise for your cat and make him happy, you can now gather a few cardboard boxes and place them in the center of the room. Put some open on top, others open on two sides as a tunnel and others open only on one side and upside down, you will see how your faithful companion is activated suddenly and begins to get into one box after another, running nonstop, until to get tired and find a box that provides the position you were looking for and falls asleep in it.

Tapes and feathers to challenge the visual acuity of your feline

If you want a fun exercise with which you can play directly with your feline, cat toys like ribbons and sticks with feathers are the most used resources and for a reason, they are very effective against the boredom of cats as long as someone play with them. You can make homemade toys for cats yourself at home or you can buy them at pet stores. In addition to these two types of toys that we have discussed, there are many others that can help your cat to have fun and exercise, from wool balls to scrapers with several of these entertaining objects hanging.

Although the feline can play only with these objects, it will easily get boring, so it is better to join his game. Also, if you want to strengthen your bond and confidence, it is good that you are the one who shakes the feathers or the ribbons in front of him and makes it difficult for him to catch them, thus not only having fun and movement, but also his visual acuity and his agility improve.

Balls and stuffed mice

Small rubber balls and stuffed mice are one of the most typical and safest toys for cats, besides, they will be very easy to find in specialized stores for animals. These toys are the closest thing to a prey, so the cats quickly notice them and start to chase them, throw them in the air, hide them, nibble them, etc. In addition, to buy these entertaining objects, you can make a prey for cats very easily at home.

Again, it is preferable that you be the one to move these toys and you can even teach them that once you catch them you return them and throw them back or hide them. Your cat will not only have fun and move, but will also be mentally challenged by the effort of locating and chasing its prey, thus stimulating a part of its feline character that, no matter how hard it is on a floor, will never lose .

Share your day to day with other cats or pets

Cats get very bored if they spend too many hours alone and besides your company it is also good that they enjoy other cats like them or other pets. Therefore, it is recommended for the physical and mental health of your feline companion that you have more than one cat or also a dog or other pet with whom you can share your life . If they spend time together they will play with each other chasing each other or with the toys or objects they have on hand and share, they will hardly get bored.

Another option if your cat is very sociable or if you have been able to get used to it since childhood is that you let it go outside only, preferably in a way that you can control where it is, or walk with you taking it with a special leash for cats . This way you will meet more people, street birds and dogs, among other possibilities, so if you like to leave, you will surely have a great time. It is important that you be careful, since the other animals and people that you can find during the walk, you do not know how they can react to a cat. In addition, not all domestic felines are suitable for walking through the streets of a city, so it is recommended that you do a little test and see if you like it or not.

If you use all these exercises and objects to encourage your cat to move more and have fun, you will have a happy and healthy cat companion with whom to share great moments. If you have liked to know these 5 fun exercises for my cat, you will surely be interested to read how to play with my cat.