How to help my dog ​​to take care of her puppies

The arrival of new puppies is often very emotional to the owners of the pets, but it is normal to feel some doubts and concern to see our bitch weak after childbirth and having to attend many times to small, so some people are questioned about How to help your dog to take care of the puppies . In .com we give you some good tips so you can lend a hand to your pet and facilitate the whole process.

Steps to follow:


First of all you should know that it is normal for your dog to feel suspicious and distrustful when you try to approach the puppies. You must understand that their instinct is to protect them, so it is best to give them their space and do not try to invade it.

During the first weeks of life, the puppies can not see well, so they search blindly for a hot place to be and feed, usually in the area of the mother's tits . A good way to prevent children from leaving that area and suffer accidents is closing the space so that they stay in the area close to mom.


The first days it is very important that the little ones take of the mother's milk because as in the human case it contains all the nutrients that will keep them healthy. But when it comes to very large litters sometimes the dog does not get enough for everyone, in that case you can feed them with porridge from 12 days old . In our article how to feed a puppy dog ​​we explain the steps you can take to do it.


Breastfeeding consumes a huge amount of calories so the dog should feed better than ever with a feed that contains a lot of protein. Do not control the portions rather give all the food you ask for it is needed, so you will have more energy and produce better milk.


It is common to see that the dog licks the puppies with strength and energy during the first weeks of life, especially in her genital and anal areas to stimulate the sphincters. If you stop doing it too early it will be necessary for you to take a cotton ball with warm water and pass it through this area so that the children can evacuate. This is essential to guarantee your health and well-being, therefore attentive.


You will have to perform the task of anal stimulation every three hours after the puppies drink their milk and until they get to make the stools by themselves, which will happen after a few weeks.


Always keep puppies close to their mother until they gain more independence. If you notice your dog apathetic, discouraged and with little appetite, consult your veterinarian . It is also normal to ask at what time you can separate the pups from their mother in the event that you plan to find them a new home, if so in our article when to separate a puppy from its mother we will explain it in detail.