Why does my cat get fat

Cats are pets that improve the lives of many people. However, sometimes the owners worry excessively when they feel that their cats are getting fat and do not find a just cause to this process, beyond the intake of food. Although in this argument is part of the solution to the problem, from .com we answer your question why my cat gets fat so much that you can regulate your weight and prolong your life in a healthy way.

Overweight in cats

Most owners castrate their cats at an early age. This fact makes the feline need to feed a third of the food he needed before being castrated, hence if you continue taking the same amount of food as before, fatten quickly and easily.

This inadequate intake of food leads to overweight and, with it, in the appearance of different diseases in your cat. Thus, it is likely that if your cat gets very fat you suffer from diabetes, arthritis, skin problems, heart disease and increased cancer risk.

Also, overweight your cat will make that after reaching seven years have three times more chances of death risk than felines who do not suffer from this condition, so we recommend that you act actively to prevent overweight.

In this article we tell you how much your cat should eat and we give you some instructions so you know how to make healthy homemade food for your cat.

Calculate your cat's overweight

Many owners do not know if your cat is overweight. To achieve this, it is important that you analyze both the length and size of your hind legs and abdomen. Thus, if you can touch your ribs directly from the back, you will get the answer that your cat is not overweight. Otherwise, you must act to reduce your weight.

Tips to achieve the right weight in your cat

There are several actions that you can carry out so that your cat does not suffer from overweight. Thus, it is convenient that you give him several small meals a day and in the event that you spend many hours outside the home, you provide the food through an automatic food dispenser.

In the event that the cat asks you for more food, it is important that you do not give in to his request and on the contrary, distract him by offering him games or caresses. Also, it is important that you reserve a time a day to play with it.

With respect to the cat's own diet, it is important that you do not overdo it when it comes to rewarding you with sweets or treats that you like. On the contrary, you should provide a balanced diet based on foods that do not promote overweight. This way you will get a much longer and happier life.

In we show you how to get your cat to lose weight.