How to bathe a dog Coton de Tuléar

Tuléar coton is a dog with a characteristic white coat that resembles cotton, hence the origin of its name. They are very affectionate, playful, sociable and intelligent animals that turn out to be an excellent company, especially for the elderly.

It is precisely the delicate and characteristic of his coat which makes his hygiene process require certain care, so in we teach you how to bathe a dog Coton de Tuléar .

Steps to follow:


The first thing you should know is that, unlike other breeds, the Tuléar coton needs special care for its fur . This goes from brushing to choosing the products for your bathroom. The objective is to keep the white color intact and the coat free of knots, and both can be impaired if basic hygiene measures or the quality of the products used are ignored.


Before bathing a dog Tuléar coton, you must make sure that your fur is untangled and free of knots. A signal to measure the health of your dog's skin is the number of knots it has. A knotted coat is a symptom of dehydrated skin and this leads to itching, which can lead the dog to scratch and hurt itself. Therefore, this contact of the nails with the fur when scratching will create more knots. So the time of brushing is perfect to check the good health of your pet, since you can also check the hair and see if it has parasites or wounds.

To avoid knots or eliminate those that already exist, you have to brush the dog's hair frequently, about four times a week. You have to do it with a soft metal-tipped brush with no ball on the tip. At the time of bathing, the brushing should include a separation of the fur in half, to facilitate that it is completely wet and there are no dry parts.


The next step to bathe a dog Coton de Tuléar is to spray it with plenty of water until making sure all the fur is wet, as this will make the shampoo foam. The shampoo must be special for dogs, that is to say for veterinary use, and in case the animal has knots in its fur you can opt for one of intense hydration to correct the dryness of its skin and coat, causing the knots. Make sure the shampoo is pH7, similar to the dog's pH. Also, a shampoo that you can always use because it is soft, very moisturizing and cares for your pet's skin is the oatmeal shampoo, which is highly recommended for puppies but can be used at any age of the dog.


If the dog's hairs are healthy, and what is sought is not to deal with the knots but to keep their white color you can use a special shampoo for dogs with white or light fur . They are products without dyes and that are not aggressive with the fur of the animal. It is important to avoid at all costs the products that promise immediate solutions for decolorization of Tuléar coton, because they are generally acidic products that, although they offer immediate results, in the long run they end up burning the hair and turning it yellowish.

So, after applying the shampoo you have chosen, apply a special cream to untangle the special hair for dogs, and not for human use, and rinse with plenty of water. The water that is used to moisturize at the beginning and to get rid of the shampoo at the end, should be at a warm temperature and never hot since it is easy to burn the animal without wanting to, they are sensitive to the high temperature.


The moment of bathing is also conducive to cleaning the ears and ears of the animal, as well as to lower their nails, since by the action of water they become softer and more manageable to cut.


When finished, carefully squeeze the animal's coat to extract as much water as possible. Subsequently, a clean, dry towel passes the dog's body and dry vigorously.


Apply on moist skin a moisturizer indicated for dogs to protect the fur of the animal, keep it bright and avoid knots. The use of synthetic oils is not recommended because they are not absorbed by the skin or hair of the pet, and rather make the fur yellow and brittle.


At the end of the bath, a dryer should be used to finish evaporating the water and moisture in the animal. It is important to use a warm temperature or if it is hot to place the dryer at a considerable distance from the can so that the air does not reach a high temperature. We must think that it is easy for us to damage the skin if we dry it with high temperature.

Then you must brush your coat again to complement the action of the cream to untangle. When finished, the dog will be completely clean and with a healthy and shiny hair.


A Tuléar coton should be bathed every 3 or 4 weeks, unless it gets dirty first but keep in mind that dogs can not bathe every day.

Between one bath and another, the moisturizer can be applied to properly nourish the skin and coat of the dog and prevent its dehydration. One way to apply it without having to bathe the dog can be by mixing the product with water and then spraying it.