10 curiosities about fire

Fire is a phenomenon or event that occurs in our planet when there is a combustion. Some of the first hominids in the Paleolithic period have already begun to learn how to control it in order to use it to warm up, to see in the dark, to defend themselves and, later on, to cook their food. But, this element, just as it provides security, is also dangerous for everyone if it is not properly controlled.

In addition, however useful and dangerous the fire may be, there are many curiosities about it that you probably still do not know and that it is good to know. For this reason, in this article we are going to explain 10 curiosities about the fire that, probably, you did not know.

What is fire

The fire is given thanks to a combination of elements that create a combustion and can be maintained while some of these components are still active, if these are finished in any way, the fire is extinguished. This element of nature is a combination that emanates light and heat at very high temperatures and, therefore, has been used for multiple purposes in virtually all societies and civilizations that have existed and continue to exist. As much as we continue to evolve, fire remains an essential part of our lives and continues to arouse curiosity among many.

As we have already pointed out, this phenomenon has been used by humans for a long time but, as it is part of nature, it is not always easy to control it, especially if the necessary precautions are not taken for it. Thus, fire has served us to evolve and to keep us safe for many centuries, but it has also been the cause of numerous accidents over time. Unfortunately, today, despite the preventive measures and fire protection systems that exist, it remains a problem on numerous occasions.

Things you did not know about fire

These are 10 curiosities about the fire that is interesting to know and, although it is possible that some of you had already heard them before, others may leave you surprised:

  1. The Earth is the only planet in the Solar System in which the phenomenon of fire can occur. This is because on Earth we have a large amount of oxygen, which is one of the main components of fire, and the rest of the planets in our system do not have enough to produce a combustion that creates fire.
  2. In mythology, salamanders are associated with fire. These small amphibians found their refuge in the hollows of the rotten trunks, when those trunks were used to make firewood the salamanders came out of their shelters and appeared among the flames of the fire.
  3. The human being is responsible for 4 out of 5 forest fires. It is not the first time that we hear that man is the main cause of environmental damage, and that the issue of fires is not left behind as most forest fires are caused by fires in forbidden places, bad cigarettes extinguished or what is worse burning of land on purpose for urban benefits.
  4. One of the best elements to fight fire is water and the reason for this is because water is an incombustible element, that is, it can not burn because of that we usually use it in case of fire.
  5. We have always seen fires as something negative but they also have a small positive part, and that is that when a forest fire occurs the fire gets rid of plants that have diseases and those that contain harmful insects.
  6. In the Olympic Games held in Paris in the year 1, 900, there was a fire fighting modality.
  7. The inventor of the fire hydrant is a mystery, and this fact is unknown because the patent was destroyed in a fire.
  8. The fire is a fairly fast element so when it occurs it is convenient to act fairly quickly as it can reach up to 23 km per hour .
  9. The jewel beetle is an insect that is attracted to fires, this is because the wood that has just been burned is the perfect place to lay their eggs.
  10. Prison inmates in California are responsible for fighting wildfires.

Now that you know all these curiosities, you know a little more about this fearsome element and the problems it can generate. Therefore, it is important that you take the measures that are in your hand to combat this dangerous factor, such as the installation of fire protection systems in your home or business, which will help you to prevent possible problems generated by fire .