6 tips to educate your cat

You have a cat? Then it is important that you teach him some basic rules of conduct that will help make your coexistence much more peaceful for both of you. Although many people believe that cats are animals that can not be trained, the truth is that they can acquire some specific habits, for example, that they get used to doing their needs in the sandbox or that they avoid scratching the furniture. Do you want to know how to get it? So keep reading this article where we give you 6 tips to educate your cat .

Steps to follow:


Positive rewards

If you want to start with the task of educating a cat, the first thing you should know is that in order for the animal to keep the order, it is important to give it rewards when it is properly followed. Think that they have no concept of good and evil but they will understand that if after an action, you give them a treat, each time they do that action they will have a positive reward, so they will start doing it by pure repetition.

So, whatever you want to teach him, it is important that you have a special prize prepared that you will only give him if he ends up doing what you expect from him. At the end of time, you will not need to reward yourself because you have been installed that behavior naturally.

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Sounds to educate a cat

In addition to using the rewards method, another tip that will help your cat obey you is to accompany each order with a specific sound, such as a clicker or a simple bell .

Keep in mind that the animal will be scared of that noise and, therefore, rectify their actions and, to show that that was what you asked, you will have to give him the reward afterwards. In this way, you will achieve that the animal does not suffer stress every time you hear this sound and that, little by little, you will understand what it is that you are asking for.


Say your name

Repeating patterns of behavior when trying to educate a cat is also very positive for the animal to understand what you are asking. Keep in mind that repeating his name is very positive first because he will recognize what his name is but, above all, in this way he will get to know when you are talking to him and he will pay you full attention.

In this sense, the best way to repeat his name so that he understands that this is his name is at any time that you share with your pet: when you caress him, when you play with him, when you hug him, and so on.


No distractions

If, for example, you want to teach your cat not to scratch furniture, it is important that at the moment you want to start giving this order, you do not have anything on fire that can distract your attention. It is important that he feels that you are completely attentive to him and that, indeed, you are addressing him. Think that if you have the television on or the radio, the animal hears other voices and other stimuli and may lose concentration in you.


Repeat patterns

We have already said before that it is important that you repeat the same steps when trying to educate your cat. That is why it is important that the sound you use to impart the knowledge is always the same, that the reward is always the same and that your tone of voice tries to be the same.

In this way, the animal will relive a situation that previously had already experienced and, therefore, you will get the learning much faster. It is also important that if you normally use a "No" to give an order, always use that word to understand the sign.


Sessions of 10 to 15 minutes

In order to train the animal it is important that you dedicate a maximum of 15 minutes sessions to understand the concept. Do not try to stay longer because you will get tired and stop paying attention after this time. Above all, the important thing is not to spend a lot of time trying to instill the idea, but that you will have to be constant and, as we have said, repeat patterns. Only then will the cat end up capturing the message.

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