How to adapt to summer time

When the spring arrives, the time change arrives. Our clock advances one hour more to be able to make much more use of sunny hours. Changing hours and having more hours of light serves both to make the most of the day and to save energy. However, this change in schedule can cause problems in some people, especially in the dream . Therefore, in .com we explain how to adapt to summer time, to make it more bearable and not upset your routine too much.

Steps to follow:


The days before and after the time change, avoid taking too much caffeine . The consumption of caffeine interferes with the ability to fall asleep. Remember that caffeine is found in coffee, chocolate or some soft drinks and this substance produces an overstimulation that can cause anxiety and insomnia.


Remember to synchronize all the clocks and put them in the new time. You must overtake them one hour. It is best to do it before going to sleep. This will prevent the next morning from really knowing what time it is.


To avoid sleep disorders, it is advisable to go to bed between a quarter and a half hour earlier than usual.


Do the same to get up. Put on the alarm a quarter or half an hour before . It does not matter if it's a weekend, because this will help you adapt to the new schedule.


To sleep well, we suggest you take a relaxing hot bath, read a good book or take infusions to help you relax.


Before going to bed, avoid using too many electronic devices: phones, computers, tablets ... The frequent use of these devices can alter the rhythm of sleep, in addition to hindering rest.


Do not think about what time it would be if the schedule had not been changed. This can only cause anxiety or nervousness and will not help you adapt, especially in the matter of meals.


These tips can be applied perfectly to children, as they are the ones who usually notice and suffer these types of changes.