How to face a failure in an exam

For many, suspending an exam may seem like an absolute academic failure. The truth is that those who are not used to those low grades can be frustrated with this episode. However, it is important not to see it in this way, because it could affect our studies even more. For this reason it is very important to learn how to face a failure in an exam .

Steps to follow:


The first thing we must do is remove drama from suspense. To do this, we must think coldly about the consequences of that suspense. Surely it is not just an exam that we can recover at another time, it is not the end of the world, much less that of your academic career . Guilt will not help us recover.


Do not rejoice in suspense. Try not to be a week thinking about the last exam. With a day is enough. It is good to see that we have done things wrong, but the longer we take to solve it, the more difficult it will be.


To face a failure in an exam is to learn from our mistakes . We must carefully read the academic test to be able to observe in which points we have erred. Read, understand and write down everything that you have failed. This will help you focus the next exam much better.


If it's a rough patch, maybe we should stop and think about what we may be doing wrong in our study techniques. Maybe we are not using enough time. If we know that we have studied little, the solution is to study more. If we do not focus, the solution is, among others, to try to find a good place to study outside of distractions.


Nerves can play tricks. If we know that our problem is not so much of knowledge as of nerves, it will be necessary to look for relaxation techniques to be able to use them just before an examination.


Finally, if we are not clear about the subject, if there is any doubt that we can not solve by ourselves, it is important to contact and ask for help from the teachers . They are the ones who evaluate us, therefore, no one better than them to guide us.

In addition, we can also trust and ask for help from colleagues who have successfully passed the exam. Parents can also try to help their children in their studies by keeping an eye on their grades.