How to cut the hair of a poodle

Poodles are usually nervous dogs, so we recommend that you only venture to cut your hair yourself if you feel completely sure that you can keep it quiet. It is also important that you use the right material to cut, so that the task is easy and lasts as little as possible. The important thing is that neither the dog nor you are damaged. Under these premises, in this article of .com we offer some advice on how to cut the hair of a poodle.

Steps to follow:


First, it is very important that the animal is as calm as possible. To cut the hair of a poodle you can choose a time when the puppy is tired; for example, after a long walk. Avoid doing it when your pet is stressed, for example, after a visit to the veterinarian or after a possible incident with another pet.


It is also essential that you use appropriate scissors. Do not use a few too large that the only thing they will do is make the task difficult and get both you and the dog to get nervous. Always cut the tips of the scissors upwards, so that if the animal makes a sudden movement do not nail them.


Before starting, it is very important that you give him a bath and dry him with a towel, avoiding the dryer. With a comb, work your hair well to prevent knots from forming. Then, place the strap and place it on a non-slip surface that is comfortable for both you and him.


Now, it is time to cut the hair of the poodle . Before starting, you will have to have marked the order of the areas of the body on which you will work. We propose the following:

  • Head.
  • Chest.
  • Back.
  • Sides
  • Belly.
  • Legs.


If you see that the cut will take you a long time, take breaks every ten minutes and take advantage to reward your poodle if he has behaved well, with affection and some candy. In any case, if you do not feel safe, it is preferable that you go to a specialized center, where well trained professionals will know how to cut the dog to your poodle.


In addition to cutting the hair of your poodle every so often, it is essential that you provide daily care to help keep your coat healthy and strong. This is also very important to reduce excessive hair loss in your pet. See the article How to take care of my dog's hair to see how you should do it.