How to cut the spurs to a dog

Cutting the spurs of your dog is one of those cares that you must procure for your dog. The spur is a nail that is on the side of the hind legs, very close to your ankle. It is a part of the physiognomy that does not fulfill any function, in fact there is a lot of controversy about whether or not it should be removed surgically.

But before submitting your dog to that trauma, cutting them is more than enough, so from .com, we tell you how to cut the spurs to a dog.

You will need to:
  • Pliers or special scissors to cut dog nails
  • Invasive dust
  • Clean gauze or bandages
Steps to follow:


First of all you should know that not all breeds have spurs, make sure your dog has. To start with this special manicure session, take your dog and put it aside. Once in that position, put on him and while you touch his paws give him some other pampering so that he is relaxed.


Now is the time to have the pliers or the special scissors to cut dog nails. Take the scissors with your hand and with your other hand raise the leg of your dog; To do it well, it is best to separate the spur from the rest of the leg to avoid any risk.


Be very careful not to cut the internal area of ​​the nail because there are blood vessels in that area and you could cause a hemorrhage. Once and safely proceed to cut the tip of the spur.

If you made a mistake cutting and hurt your dog, use some astringent powder and bandage the leg to cut the bleeding, if you see that it does not stop immediately go to the vet.