How to care for my deaf cat

A deaf cat is usually calm, playful and sweet. Like a cat with normal hearing, it is an excellent pet if it is well cared for. Getting your wellbeing is simple, and for this you should know some guidelines to make you happy by your side. Therefore, from .com we want your life together to be harmonious and that is why we are going to guide you so that you know how to take care of your deaf cat .

Steps to follow:


Repeat the same gesture. If you want your cat to understand you, you should consistently use the same gestures. If the signal with your hand you repeat it in the same situations you will end up understanding it. He is intelligent and observant, so he will learn to associate him, with patience you will get good communication.


Do not let him leave the house. In order to take care of your deaf cat properly it is essential that you do not let him leave the house. If the outside is already dangerous for a cat without difficulties, imagine for your cat that he can not hear the dangers of the street, like for example the horn of a car.


Call your attention without brusqueness. If you want to get their attention you can do it by stepping on the floor so you can feel the vibration or with the light of a flashlight. But do not do it abruptly because it could affect your character.


Use the same perfume Having a regular perfume is a good idea to associate that smell with you. Enhancing sight and smell is essential to play and communicate with him.


Non-verbal language and facial expressions. Talk to your cat as if he could hear you, do not hesitate to exaggerate your body language or your facial expressions so your cat understands how you feel or what you want to convey to him.


Do not forget the love. A deaf cat, like a cat without difficulties, loves to be caressed and caressed. In addition, with your cat you can intensify this sense, touch, thus enhancing your emotional bond. Never shout or throw things at him to get his attention, because besides being cruel it is unnecessary. If he is afraid of you, he will not be able to trust you.


And the rest of care for your deaf cat should be the same as for a cat listener. You must take into account their hygiene, care of teeth and nails, their good nutrition, their protection, etc. In addition to your regular visits to the veterinarian.