How to care for a basset hound

The basset hound is a perfect dog breed for the calmer people, with a peaceful character this animal is perfectly suited to owners who love long walks but without being lovers of extreme physical activity. Like any other breed this dog requires specific attention to grow healthy and happy, so if you are about to acquire this dog or if you are already part of your family, in .com we explain how to care for a basset hound .

Steps to follow:


The basset hound has a hunter origin, so it is an animal with an excellent sense of smell that enjoys chasing its prey and with games in which it must find something. It is a dog with a very calm, kind and affectionate character with its owners, besides being an excellent protective dog especially with the smallest ones.


Due to its short legs the basset hound is not a dog characterized by running very agile or doing great deeds, however it is an animal that requires daily walks, the longer the better. This animal does not tire of walking, so it can accompany us almost anywhere without problem, that we must not let it go anywhere or it could let flow its hunter instincts and get away from us. Just release it when you know you will be safe.


At the time of training there is something that immediately attracts attention in this breed: the basset hound are very stubborn dogs that go at their own pace, so we must be very patient, firm and consistent with the training if we want to get the animal to do things like eating at certain times, doing your needs in certain places or responding to certain orders.

It is essential that from a young age you train and correct certain behaviors, otherwise in the future it could be very difficult to do so. For example, if you do not want the dog to climb on the sofa you should avoid it from the first few weeks at home, training the animal with patience or else you will end up being your pet.


Like any other dog, the basset hound requires a balanced diet based on a diet appropriate to its age. In our article how to choose the food of my dog ​​we give you some keys if you are a beginner, so you know how to choose the best food for the animal.

In this aspect it is very important to pay attention to the portions of food that we give to this pet, because it has a strong tendency to obesity due to its greedy spirit, which can bring serious health problems in the future even complicating their mobility. The basset hound will always be willing to receive whatever you give him, but you must avoid it at all costs because over time you could put your dog's health at risk.


Another obvious characteristic of the breed are its long ears, which require a very special care to stay healthy and free of odors. It is recommended to clean the ears of the basset hound once or twice a week, doing it from small so that they get used to the procedure. In our video how to wash the ears of the dog you will see the proper way to do it.


You should also:

  • Cut your nails often, because they tend to grow very fast.
  • Brush your hair at least twice a week to reduce the smell of your fur and reduce the presence of hairs in your home. You will have to do it with a special hard bristle brush for dogs.
  • Bathe every 4 to 6 weeks depending on how quickly it gets dirty.


In addition, and like any other dog, the basset hound needs to receive all the corresponding vaccines and go to the veterinarian for periodic reviews every 6 months, in this way we will ensure your health and well-being over time. In our article when I must vaccinate my dog ​​we explain the necessary vaccines in each stage.