How to interpret dreams about a person

Often, having dreams you do not understand can be frustrating and confusing. Interpreting dreams can help decipher the messages that your subconscious mind may be trying to send. People in dreams can represent (literally), characteristics that you want to acquire or goals that you have. However, the most important aspect of the interpretation is what you think about the meaning of the dream . Although the resources coming from abroad can point to a single interpretation of your dreams, remember that you are the dreamer, only you can understand the true message.

You will need to:
  • Pen
  • Paper
Steps to follow:


Record any people's dreams as soon as you wake up. Try to be as detailed as possible. Describe everything that happened in the dream, including what happened to the person and how you felt about it.


Determine if the person is someone you know, this can point to strong feelings you have for this person, or something that represents for you. Take into account the events that occurred to a person you did not recognize, the facts may be the most important part of the dream, and not the person.


Take into account the race, age and sex of the person, if they share these characteristics, the person can represent you. If you do not share these characteristics with the person, write down your feelings about them. For example, dreaming about an older woman can represent your fears of age.


Ask yourself if the person is alive or dead. People killed in dreams can represent feelings about death, or goals and relationships that were abandoned.


Consider how you feel when the dream ends . The feelings about dreams are often underestimated, but you can say a lot about the messages that your subconscious may be sending you. Decide if you feel positively or negatively towards the people in the dream, this may represent the traits that make you feel good or bad about yourself.


Repeat these steps for several nights. Determine if you are having the same dream frequently, this may indicate unresolved problems that your mind is trying to solve.

  • Dreams often come with nonsensical details, and nobody is sure why. These data can not be important if they do not happen again in several dreams. Ignore them and focus on the individuals who enter frequently. People's dreams can be powerful, and interpreting correctly can help solve difficult problems in your life.