How to spell or pretend

Irregular verbs modify their roots by conjugating them in certain times, modes or people, and that is why they often lend themselves to confusion when writing them correctly. This can happen with the verb 'pretend', which tends to doubt whether you should write with 'g' or, conversely, with 'j'. Pay attention and then discover how to write fake or pretend .


The term 'pretend' is registered in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) and is a verb of the third conjugation that comes from the Latin fingĕre . We use this verb to refer to the meanings of "to understand what is not true or give existence to what does not have" or "simulate or pretend".


  • "Yesterday I saw Luis and he did not stop pretending, he thinks we do not know anything about the subject".
  • "I consider myself a very sincere and transparent person, I do not know how to pretend."

* finjir

On the contrary, when we look for the term 'finjir' in the dictionary we quickly see that it is not collected and that the previous form is shown for having a similar writing. Therefore, we can say that in no case should we write 'pretend' with 'j', but we should write 'pretend' with 'g' .

To avoid making more mistakes of this kind, you should know that normally verbal forms ending in -gir are written with 'g'. Although there are always some exceptions such as 'crunch'.