How to care for an old dog

When our dog reaches adulthood the care we give him many times is not the same as when he was young, we should not only anticipate possible illnesses but also make his last days as pleasant as possible. Here are some tips so that the care of your old dog is the best possible.

Steps to follow:


Older dogs, like people, need more care and consideration. Exercise is still important and will help keep the animal in good physical condition. Anyway, at this age it is natural more rest and more hours of sleep.


The importance of checkups in old dogs should be emphasized. With them early signs of deterioration can be detected and then preventive treatment applied, when possible.


It may be a good idea to make a medical insurance for dogs this will allow us to systematize the checks and not be so expensive.


Often the acquisition of a new puppy or younger dog gives the old dog a new push in his life. On the other hand it will help to soften the pain when the pet is no longer there.


It is good not to allow dogs to "sink into senility". The daily routine of exercise, play and contact should continue.