What is the difference between ay, there and there

If we want to write without misspellings, it is necessary to know that there are many homophones, that is, those words that sound the same as others but have a different meaning and are also written differently. This is why sometimes we have doubts about which form is correct and which script we should use to get an impeccable spelling.

Therefore, in this article we present a set of terms that usually present great confusion, so that you have clear what is the difference between a, there and there.


The word "ay", written without an ax, is an interjection that is used to " express many and very diverse movements of the mind, and more commonly affliction or pain, " according to the RAE. That is why it is usually written between exclamation marks.

Some examples of its use are:

  • Oh, what a pity! His departure left me very sad.
  • Oh, careful! The iron is hot and you can burn yourself.
  • What a sadness, oh my God.
  • Oh ! Beware of the pot that is in the fire.
  • Oh my God! I forgot the appointment with the doctor.
  • Oh ! You have hurt me, be careful.

There is

"Hay", written with "h" initial, corresponds to an impersonal form of the verb "haber" that is used to express that there is or is something available, or to highlight a specific obligation.

Some examples of its use are:

  • There are apples in the fridge for everyone.
  • I do not know what there is to dine, but I feel like pasta.
  • Today you have to go buy an umbrella.
  • Do not forget that you have to do homework soon.
  • You have to go to the medical review, you get the vaccine.
  • We have to look right now if there are still tickets to see the movie.


On the other hand, "there", written with intercalated hache and tilde in the "i", is an adverb of place that indicates something that is at a medium distance (between "here" and "there").

Some examples of its use are:

  • Maria has left her books there and gone.
  • If you go to the store there, you will surely find it.
  • Look, there 's your mother.
  • In the room there you can leave your things.
  • You can go there, but you can also go a shorter way around here.

Phrases to remember the difference

So that you do not mess up every time you have to write any of these homophonic words we advise you to remember some phrases that will help you see the difference clearly:

  • Oh I forgot! I left you there the letters that must be sent today.
  • There is a lady in front who has given herself a blow and has shouted: oh what a pain!
  • There is a child who says oh!

Other linguistic doubts

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