How to take care of my dog's dry skin

Dogs are also very delicate animals, especially when it comes to the care of their skin and hair. Climatic factors, food, the use of certain cleaning products or even a propensity thanks to the breed of your pet, can make you suffer from dry skin, a common condition in many dogs, which causes great discomfort every day. That's why it's important to know how to take care of your dog's dry skin, to improve its health and promote its well-being.

Steps to follow:


If you are completely sure that your dog does not have fleas and ticks, but constantly scratches, and also sports an opaque and lifeless fur, it is very possible that your animal suffers from dry skin . In these cases it is advisable to consult a veterinarian to confirm the diagnosis and apply the relevant medication, although you can also implement some recommendations that we offer.


The red, dry skin with scabs is a clear sign of dryness in the area, something that is important to take care of to avoid the animal from scratching itself constantly. Start by gently brushing the hair of the animal and then give a good bath, this time with hypoallergenic products, this way you will minimize the possibility of the animal suffering discomfort. From this moment it is convenient to buy only hypoallergenic grooming products for your dog.


During the bath massage your dog's skin well, this will help reduce the itching while stimulating circulation. It is essential to remove shampoo residues very well to avoid generating greater discomfort. You should also dry the animal very well, thus preventing the formation of fungi that could worsen the condition.


It is important that your dog is very well hydrated, as this helps to fight the dryness of the skin. In addition to always having fresh and abundant water for the animal, you can put other ideas into practice so that your dog can drink a little more liquid and nourish itself, for example, serving a broth of meat or chicken with a little fat and without salt or spices.

This in addition to providing fluid will give a little fat to the body, which will serve to combat dryness.


Make sure you are not bathing your dog too much, as this can cause dry skin. The animal should only bathe when it is really dirty, to avoid the bad smell of the dog there are other useful strategies that do not necessarily involve a bath. If you want to establish periods of time, it is best to bathe every month or month and a half, you can even expect much more if the dog is not really dirty, this will help to keep your skin and hair in better condition, thus avoiding dryness.


There are many products to combat the dryness of the skin, however it is very important that before acquiring any consult before the veterinarian in order to make sure that this is the diagnosis. Applying any product without indications can be counterproductive.