When to emphasize that

If there is a spelling doubt that often invade us, it is to know when to use accents in the words according to the accentuation rules. However, being aware of these rules will make the difference between excellent writing and writing with misspellings. If you wonder when to accentuate the word so as not to make mistakes, in .com we explain it to you in detail.

When to emphasize what

That should always be accentuated when it is within an interrogative or exclamatory sentence either direct, ie with the question marks or exclamation, or indirect, without the signs. Example:

"What is there to eat today?

"Do you know what happened yesterday?"

"What are you doing there hidden!"

"I wonder what you're up to"

When NOT to emphasize that

That should never be accentuated outside the interrogative or exclamatory sentences, that is to say when it serves as a conjunction or relative. Example:

"I love the shirt you have"

"I love that you call me every day"

"That boy who wears a hat is my son"