How to care for a dwarf poodle

The dwarf poodle is a well-known breed. There are many homes that enjoy the joy of this type of dogs, in addition, they are small in size and although they are full of energy, they have a very kind character . But like any pet, it requires special attention to keep it healthy and happy, that's why in .com we explain how to take care of a dwarf poodle easily.

Steps to follow:


He takes great care of his hair. You should comb it every day, keep it clean and go to a canine hairdresser often. It will help you to leave your hair gleaming and your dwarf poodle to enjoy good health.


Poodles have delicate ears, so wash them all week . Use cotton for this, advisable to make a ball and soak it with a little water. Do not neglect it and if you notice any alteration in the skin of this area, consult your veterinarian.


It is a very small dog, so you must take care of your weight and for this, your diet . The dwarf poodle must maintain a balanced diet. Avoid badly feeding him by giving him treats or homemade meals, it would cause serious health problems.


Being such a smart and restless dog, you can not leave him alone and do nothing. Make him play and have fun. When you can not be near him, leave him toys so that he just moves. Exercise is essential to keep you healthy and happy.