How to care for a rabbit belier

Do you share your life with a beautiful rabbit belier ? If your answer is affirmative, be prepared to have a great companion. The rabbit belier is beautiful, with drooping ears, sweet, peaceful and very sociable. It is a very good option as a domestic pet for its good character, its nobility and its intelligence. But having a rabbit is a big responsibility and if you want to give it the best care we invite you to continue reading. In .com we tell you how to take care of a rabbit belier .

Steps to follow:


The life expectancy of a rabbit belier is between 7 and 9 years, but they are rather delicate pets and if you do not pay attention to their health and care their life can be shortened irremediably. If you are a responsible and attentive owner, your rabbit will have a great quality of life. It is a very sociable although territorial animal. If you want to have more than one, make sure there is enough space for everyone.

The rabbit belier like any type of rabbit needs to constantly gnaw. Caution should be taken with dental malocclusion, which is one of the most common diseases. This problem causes the rabbit's teeth to grow disproportionately. That's why it's important to procure food or objects that you can gnaw on a frequent basis to have this problem controlled; although if you persist you must go to the urgent veterinarian because the rabbit will stop eating because it is impossible, we also recommend you consult our article about how to take care of your rabbit's teeth.


The rabbit belier is herbivore and finding the right food for them is very easy. The basis of your diet should be concentrated feed designed for rabbits of this type. Do not feed them rabbits farm, because with this kind of food is looking to fatten rabbits for human consumption and this is not what you need your rabbit belier, because you would cause a worrisome obesity.

Always try to give your rabbit fresh hay as an ideal complement to its herbivorous diet as it will help to wear the teeth. The hay should not be dry because if it has too much dust you can damage the respiratory system of your rabbit which is very delicate. Your rabbit belier can also offer vegetables and fruit progressively because if you are not used to it you can cause some diarrhea. The recommended amount is 10 grams per kilo of weight.


It is not advisable to feed it with lettuce because it has too much water and few nutrients. A good option is to take carrots, apples and pears. Another nutritional advice is that you should not eat starch or simple sugars because it does not digest them well at all. Rabbits drink a lot of water, so try to offer fresh and clean water every day, especially in supply bottles that occupy a smaller space and are kept in perfect condition without overturning. Clean the sprue frequently so that it is not clogged by dirt and the water is well sanitized. You can find here the information in this other article about how to feed a domestic rabbit.


You must take good care of the cage or cabin of your rabbit belier . Try to buy or assemble the largest cage you can afford at home, give as much space as possible to play, stretch and live well. If you only have one rabbit, the cage should measure at least 60 cm wide, 50 cm high, and 90 cm long. But if you have space do not hesitate to make it bigger because it will be more comfortable.

Inside your house you must have an area with a roof to take shelter, or a kind of cave. A rabbit needs to chew frequently so put cardboard or untreated wood in your home (except cedar, because it is toxic). The bottom of the cage should be covered with pressed chippings, not dusty sand, which could jeopardize the health of your rabbit.


Rabbits groom themselves frequently, it is very normal to see how they suck their fur to clean themselves and consequently they can swallow considerable amounts of hair. If you give it fiber, there will be no problem about it; but when the rabbit is in molt season, it will be necessary to increase the amount of fiber. To take care of the beautiful hair of your belier rabbit it is advisable to comb it often, brush its fur a couple of times a week and thus you will eliminate the excess of hair.


You should know that it is not advisable to bathe rabbits because if you do you will remove the protective layer of the skin. If you get very dirty with a little water and without wetting your head you will leave it great. It is highly recommended that you practice exercise, so take your furry friend out of his cage every day to run, play and enjoy the company of other pets. It is convenient that you watch it, that you do not have windows or open balconies unless you have security mosquito nets. As they have a tendency to gnaw do not leave handy interesting objects that can bite and especially special caution with cables. You can protect the conflicting zones, and leave in sight toys designed for him.