The best stones for Libra

Each zodiac sign is assigned different gems that manage to enhance some aspects of their personality and balance excesses and absences. Libra is the sign of justice, balance and tranquility but it is also a horoscope that is very insecure, superficial and introverted. In this article we are going to reveal the best stones for Libra so you know which are the most appropriate to get back the balance and harmony in your day to day.

Horoscopes and stones

Within astrology, each zodiacal sign is assigned a stone that functions as a protector of people born under that horoscope. These gems intensify or weaken the personal characteristics of each sign to try to achieve a personal and mental balance.

In the case of Libra, people born under this sign are usually calm, fair, balanced, simple, refined people with cultural and artistic tastes. But, in addition, they are also people who can become very indecisive and superficial with which it costs to have full confidence and friendship. But once you have it, this union will be forever. In this article we detail how are the Libra so that you understand in general lines the people of this sign.

In order to neutralize and balance the positive and negative aspects of this zodiac, there are some stones that protect and manage to harmonize the energies. Next we discover the best stones for Libra .

Pink quartz

This is one of the most suitable stones for love affairs since the rose quartz helps the person who is in contact with him to be free, feel comfortable with himself and emit positive energy radiations. If you generate trust, love and respect, love will soon knock on your door and this is how this gem works.

The rose quartz is ideal for Libra because it is a stone that manages to strengthen the understanding towards oneself . It achieves a maximum communion between the person with his deepest interior, getting love to grow towards oneself. And so, involuntarily, when we feel respect towards our individual, the attraction that we give off is greater and, therefore, it is easier to attract love. If you are interested in this topic, we show you how to attract love with rose quartz by indicating some methods that can help you.


It is one of the best stones for Libra because it helps manage emotions and reduce mood swings and / or disappointments. The Chrysocolla is considered the quintessential female stone since it is advised to regulate the hormones and female glands that are altered with menstruation.

By getting the hormones restored, this stone manages to harmonize emotions, especially those that refer to the heart chakra. Therefore, it is a gem that is recommended to be used during times when you feel sad, down or after a break in love as it helps to heal wounds and calm tempers .

But also, its power of balance, allows bad moods, anger or aggression to diminish and the mood to be calmer and more peaceful. And, therefore, once the power of the chrysocolla has entered the body, love for oneself is increasing and opening to others is immediate.

Lapis lazuli

This precious stone is considered the stone of wisdom and royalty, it is a gem that was used in Ancient Egypt as if it could connect directly with the gods. For Libra it is a suitable stone since it helps to strengthen the consciousness in oneself, to make an introspective journey and to increase awareness and self-knowledge .

It is one of the stones that are most used to make meditations since it helps us to connect with our interior and face reality and the truth of things, even if we do not like it. The lapis lazuli helps to clear our mind, to clarify our thoughts and to place ourselves in the world in a real, sincere and liberated way. It acts on the chakra that we have in the eyebrow since it frees the mind and contributes that the conscience is cleared and clarified.


Another gem for Libra is the jasper, a stone that is the symbol of courage and soul strength so that Libra brings security, decision and impetus in their relationships. It is used to defend people from some external influences that can be dominant and that make us behave in a way that we would not do but because we are eclipsed. The jasper gives us strength in ourselves, security and courage so it is perfect to defend our positions and maintain peer relationships.

There are different types of jasper and the most suitable for Libra is red because it helps to balance the most intense feelings that are related to emotions (passion, love, friendship, etc.). It manages to attract positive energies and, therefore, make us strong in the face of sad or depressive episodes. It is a stone that manages to give us security and courage to start new projects or start a relationship.

The Libra are very emotional people and in the field of love show a series of qualities and deficiencies that is important to know. In we discover how is Libra in love.