How to cure mites in budgies

Mites, microscopic parasites, are responsible for scabies, one of the most frequent diseases in parakeets. Of all the mites that can affect these birds, the most common, by far, is the so-called knemidocoptes, which causes a type of disease popularly known as " scabies of the beak and legs ." If you already know how to detect them, in this article we explain how to cure mites in parakeets .

Home remedies

Traditionally the lesions have been smeared with paraffin oil (or alternatively, olive oil) using a cotton swab. The most common is to use swabs for the ears, in an attempt to "drown" the mites and soften the scabs.

In some rare cases, in the initial stages of the disease, it can be more or less effective, reducing the symptoms or making them disappear, usually for a not very long time.

Anyway, home remedies, although relatively innocuous for the bird, are not recommended for their lack of efficacy and it is best to go to a veterinarian, preferably a specialist in exotic animals .

Treatment with acaricides

Prescribed by veterinarians, it is really effective to kill the mites of the parakeets. It can be done topically on the lesions, applying an ointment on the affected areas. Normally these ointments usually contain sulfur, which kills the mites, and regenerative compounds of the skin.

Another option is the treatment known as spot-on, which consists of putting a drop of a specific insecticide, usually ivermectin, on the skin of the bird as it is done with antiparasitic pipettes in cats and dogs.