Meaning of the four leaf clover

Surely if you've ever found a four-leaf clover you've thought "I'll have good luck!". And is that this plant, being so extraordinary, has always been associated with magical properties that are able to attract good energies and remove the bad from our environment. Keep in mind that this is a very rare species and, therefore, when someone finds it, believes it is destiny and considers it as a good luck charm. But where does this belief come from? In we are going to analyze the origin of this conception and, in addition, we are going to discover the meaning of the four-leaf clover because, in addition to giving us good luck, it can also help us in other planes of life. You want to know more? So, keep reading!

The four-leaf clover in different cultures

Among the most popular amulets for good luck, the four-leaf clover stands out as one of the oldest. In fact, we have to go back to ancient civilizations to find the origin of their association with magic and good luck. Cultures such as the Mayas, the Celts or the Egyptians already had this amulet as a bearer of good fortune and, also, it is attributed to the Christian tradition and, in particular, to Saint Patrick.

The four-leaf clover in Ireland has a strong detonator. The reason is that the legend tells that St. Patrick one day were looking for a normal clover (the three leaves) to explain to the Celts the concept of "Trinity" but, instead, found one of four leaves.

It is known that, also, the druids who lived in the British Isles around 200 BC believed that this was a sacred symbol since with this clover they were able to see the demons and, therefore, protect themselves from them. Within Christianity, this type of clover also has its connection with Eve who, when she was expelled from Paradise, took this plant with her.

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What does the four leaf clover mean?

Now let's focus on the meaning of the four-leaf clover . The most popular use that surely you already knew is that which is related to good luck but surely you did not know that each of its leaves has a different meaning according to the multiple legends associated with this plant.

Among all the versions of this amulet, we highlight the one that believes that each leaf is related to a specific aspect of life such as health, money, love and prosperity. In this sense, the four-leaf clover does not offer a generalized fortune but focuses on these four areas of our day to day.

Anyway, there are civilizations that moved away from this more esoteric conception and related the clover with aspects of our world as, for example, that the 4 leaves represented the cardinal points, the seasons of the year, the elements of nature or the phases of the moon.

The reason why this plant was categorized as an amulet is because there are very few in nature, in fact, it is a genetic mutation. Finding a four-leaf clover is almost impossible and, for this reason, magical properties were attributed to it. In fact it is believed that for every 4-leaf clover that we find, there are 10, 000 of 3 leaves! But do not think that four is the maximum number of leaves that this plant can have because they have come to find clovers with six, eight and even 18 leaves.

Get lucky with a four leaf clover

Now, if you find yourself with a four-leaf clover, what can you do to give you good luck? The tradition suggests that the best thing is that you put it inside the shoe so that, when in contact with your body, you can transmit good luck. There is also the habit of putting it inside the pages of a book you have at home and, thus, attract good energies to your home; with this method it is possible to conserve this plant better.

In any case, since it is so complicated to find one that is natural, amulets with jewelery (pendants, bracelets, earrings, etc.) have now been created to which they are granted the same properties as the original plant. For this reason it is common to see people with jewelry that have this symbol or even with tattoos.