How often dogs are in heat

Zeal in dogs is a delicate moment as they are naturally prepared to reproduce and their whole body, their pheromones and their instincts are sharpened to be able to breed their new herd. It is important that you know the zeal of your dog so that you can help him in that moment of his life in which his behavior varies and his senses become more acute; Obviously, the way in which males live is not the same as females, so in this article we tell you how often dogs are in heat so you can be prepared.

Steps to follow:


A bitch experiences her first heat from 6 months of age and can extend until the year. It is known that the smaller dog breeds are the ones that have the estrus in a precocious way than the larger breeds that can last until 12 or 14 months. The exact moment in which the zeal will come to your dog can not be predicted because it depends on multiple factors such as:

  • The race
  • The genetic inheritance
  • Environmental factors
  • Etc


To know how often a bitch is in heat it is important that you know that each animal is a world and has its own cycles and its own times, however, it is true that the average frequency is 1 heat every 6 months, so we could generalize by saying that a bitch is zealous twice a year.

But do not take this information at face value because it may be that your dog has it every 8 months or every 5, the important thing is that when he has the zeal, he controls his cycles so he can be prepared for the next one.


Unlike what happens with cats, if you see that the zeal in your dog is very frequent, that is, has it every 3 or 4 months, it is recommended that you take him to the vet to have an exam and determine if there is some pathology that is leading to this high frequency. It may be that your pet has polycystic ovaries, so it is essential that a doctor examine it.


It is important that you know how zeal is in bitches so that you understand the process they go through and understand their behavior. The zeal of these animals is divided into three parts that are the following:

  • Proestro : it lasts between 7 and 10 days and the symptoms that your can present is the swollen vulva and blood loss. At this time in the cycle your dog will not want to mate.
  • Estro : The duration is between 5 to 15 days and it is the moment in which the dog will accept the mating with the male, so if you want your dog to be pregnant, this is the moment. In this phase your pet will be ovulating and will continue to lose blood although in a lighter way.
  • Metaestro : it lasts between 110 to 140 days and it is the moment in which the animal rejects the mating. If your dog has been mounted, this is the time of gestation and lactation.


The behavior of your dog when it is with the heat is different from the usual one. You will notice that you urinate in a more frequent way than usual, you will present a nervous and agitated attitude and will not be as affectionate with you as you normally are. It is important that you try to calm your pet with caresses, a calm atmosphere and pampering. Physically you will see that the breasts are more swollen and that the area of ​​the vulva will also be more inflated than normal; You will also observe how it bleeds in the area of ​​the vagina.


Zeal in male dogs is different from that in females. They do not have a specific period in which their body is predisposed to mate but they put themselves in heat when they smell the particles that a female in heat emits; as soon as they catch this smell, the dogs will want to mount it and reproduce. You can detect that your dog is in heat because it will become very nervous and you can even get to escape to find the dog.


You must bear in mind that there is the possibility of sterilizing your dog to prevent her from becoming pregnant and causing the symptoms of heat to decrease considerably. In this article we tell you what is the best age to sterilize a dog.