How to educate my puppy so he does not bite

In .com we have talked to you about how to prevent your dog from biting your things , but what happens when our dog or puppy bites us? We can not allow our pet to become an aggressive dog by first getting used to biting our hand with those sharp teeth and that is why it is very important to educate him since they are puppies. From .com we want to guide you with these tips to how to educate my dog ​​so that it does not bite .

Steps to follow:


When your dog is a puppy it is normal that he wants to bite everything, because besides that his gums can bother him, it is part of an adequate process of growth . You only need to teach him to stop doing it and thus avoid problems when he grows up.


Distinguish when your dog bites you playing or because the gum hurts from a strong bite because he is angry. If he squeezes you, you should immediately make him understand that you disapprove.


If he keeps biting your hand it is because he has misinterpreted your reactions and thinks that what you do and what you approve is not bad.


The moment your dog bites you, tell him a firm and resounding "no" . After this, ignore him.


If you keep biting you can make a sharp cry, almost imitating the howl of a dog when something hurts, so he will stop biting you by associating that scream with pain. If it stops you from biting you should congratulate him and continue playing avoiding him to bite you.


When you see that your dog has calmed down, approach him and caress him speaking softly and calmly. Just do not put your hand near his snout to prevent him from biting again. If it bites you again, tell it again and do not ignore it, you can, this time, get away too.


Avoid playing with your dog with aggressive games that involve making you angry or biting you, because then you will associate the game with the action of biting .


If the biting behavior persists, have a water spray bottle at hand, which only has the spraying effect, never a jet. This way you can pulverize your puppy when he bites you from a safe distance to scare him a little. In this way, by associating the scare of the water with biting, little by little it can be remitted to avoid the consequence of the water associated with its biting action.


When your dog behaves in an appropriate way, praise your dog for his good behavior with love and with some prize in trinket for dogs. But without abuse.


Provide toys to your rubber dog so he can bite. Teach him that he should bite his toys and not the people. When you change your address to your hand or something other than your toys, say a resounding no and when you return to pay attention to your toys praise him.