How to educate a Beagle puppy

The Beagle is a dog with a hunter past, but it has become a perfect and desired breed to have as a pet, both for its activity and play as well as its pleasant bark. If you plan to have a Beagle as a pet or you already have it at home, I'm sure you'll be interested in how to educate it so that coexistence is even better. That's why from .com we want to guide you with these tips on how to educate a puppy Beagle.

Steps to follow:


First, you must understand its nature. Find out everything you can about your race, because to educate a Beagle you must first understand how this breed is, since it was a hunting, pack and hierarchical animal.


Apply positive discipline. You will learn with firmness, security, coherence and rewards. When you have a good behavior, you must reward it along with the word "good" or a positive word that you prefer so that it understands what you expect from it.


Take your Beagle dog for a walk and especially take time to play with him. This breed loves to run and play because they are very active. In addition, playing with him will help establish a good friendship bond. Also at this time it is easier for you to learn that you approve and disapprove.


In order for your Beagle dog to be receptive, it must be well cared for and have basic care covered. Food, fresh water, vaccinations, good health, love and lots of love are essential for your dog to feel happy.


I gave a clear no. When you behave properly you encourage your behavior with rewards and affection, but if you do something that is not right, never be aggressive with it, just show your disapproval with a resounding no. Firm and forceful


Think that the Beagle dog is a pack dog and you must understand that you are her boss. For that you must develop relationships of friendship and authority at the same time to love you and at the same time know how to carry out your orders.


For his great sense of smell is a dog that is easily distracted, but that this does not discourage your education with him. Be patient because they are intelligent, but their hunting instinct makes them get distracted frequently.