How to choose my dog's leash

Regardless of the breed of dog that we have, the characteristics of the leash we need for your daily walks will depend on each animal in particular. The use of the belt will avoid unpleasant situations: fights with other dogs, the animal escaping, breaking the legal regulations ... But it will also allow us to create a link with our pet and, therefore, it is very important that it be comfortable and do not bother him. In the following .com article we show you how to choose your dog's leash.

Steps to follow:


Safety and comfort are paramount when choosing the dog leash . This essential accessory, in addition to guaranteeing control over the animal and preventing it from being released, must comply with a series of requirements, both in the material of which it is composed and in size or type. You must guarantee the comfort of our pet at all times and must also allow us to travel with it safely.


We should also feel comfortable with the belt model we choose; The handle must be easy to hold and its design should allow us a complete, easy and simple handling. Of course, not all straps are valid for all dogs. The walking strap of a mastiff can not be the same as that of a poodle. It is obvious that this element must be adapted to the weight and size of the animal.


One way to guide us when choosing the strap that best suits us and our partner is to guide us through the labeling information that manufacturers attach to their products. In these labels, we are informed of factors such as what weight is manufactured, the width and length of the strip, the materials of elaboration and, even, the type of dog to which it is destined.


It is also very important that we know what we want the article for . Since there are many models intended for completely different purposes, from the correction straps, to teach the dog not to jerk while walking, to the harness for certain races more active and temperamental, which with this type of support also facilitate the walk U.S.


The last aspect to take into account when choosing the leash for the dog will be the color and the trimmings . As long as we choose the right leash for our dog, the fact that it is of one color or another and whether or not it bears rhinestones is the least of it. The only thing that will vary is its price because the simpler, the cheaper it will be.


In any case, it is equally important the characteristics of the belt as the fact of acquiring it in an authorized establishment specialized in the sale of animal products. Only this way can we guarantee the quality of this accessory and, consequently, the safety and well-being of our pet.