How to choose a bed for my dog

The bed, along with the feeder, is the first product we buy when we adopt a dog. But, do we know which is the most appropriate? What is better a round or square bed ? A mattress or a cushioned bed? There are some parameters that you must follow to select the best bed for your dog. Therefore, in this article we will answer these and more questions so you know how to choose a bed for your dog .

Steps to follow:


The bed of the dog is essential to ensure its integration into the new home, and it is that this will become his lair, in his corner in the house. Remember that your dog should not sleep in your bed with you, but in his own. This is why the correct choice of your dog's bed is so important.


The size of your dog is an essential aspect when choosing the best bed for him. Well, a bed shorter than its length will give you discomfort, and a bed that is too big will not give you the security and warmth you need. However, do not look at the size of your dog when it is a puppy, you must take into account its adult size, otherwise, as you grow you will have to change the bed.


When selecting a bed based on your adult size you will see that the puppy is immense. Do not worry, there is a very simple solution for your puppy to feel protected, and is to fill the gaps with cushions. In this way you will feel cozy and comfortable.


Your dog's sleeping style is just as important as its size. Thus, you should look at whether you sleep curled up or stretched. When you know it, you will have to measure your dog in the position he adopts to sleep, to choose the bed that best suits his needs. How? Very easy. If you sleep curled up, measure from the beginning of the tail to the neck. While if you do it stretched you should do it to the head. In both cases add 10cm more per end for greater security.

And if your dog does not have a fixed posture to sleep, but adopts several during the rest, beg for the measures of the stretched form, because it occupies more space than when it is curled up.


For dogs that sleep curled up it is advisable to acquire a round or square bed and shaped like a basket, that is, with edges that protect and protect it. While for those who adopt a stretched posture, a rectangular mattress is recommended since it will allow you to stretch as much as you want, without impeding the edges. Although a rectangular bordered bed is not a bad option either, as long as it fits perfectly.


In all cases it is recommended that the dog's bed be padded or if the round basket does not have a padding system, a mattress will be introduced. It is very important that it is as comfortable as possible so that the dog adapts to it and prefers it, always, rather than to our sofa or bed. To do this, touch the bedding before buying it and check its quality. Never provide a bed without any mattress since it will not rest properly.


There are other beds in the shape of an igloo or a hut, which are highly recommended for dogs of small breed or with a tendency to go cold or feel insecure during the night. This type of beds are more sheltered than the rest and avoid the current of air, providing greater security and maintaining adequate heat inside. They do not tend to be very cushioned, so complement it with a comfortable mattress.


If your dog likes to cover himself during the night to feel more secure, do not forget to place a blanket on the mattress. Or, you have the option of buying a bed that includes a cover system like the one in the picture, taking into account the size and dimensions of your dog.


Finally, make sure that your dog's bed is removable to facilitate cleaning and maintain hygiene properly. And if you want your dog to sleep outside but you do not know which house to choose, here is an article with the keys that you should keep in mind.

  • If you have more than one dog, it is recommended that each one have a bed to avoid conflicts between them.