How to dress up if I'm a christening godmother

Baptism is the "first of the sacraments of Christianity, with which the being of grace and Christian character is given, " as the RAE affirms. So, generally, the celebrations of baptism have as protagonist a boy or girl who receives this sacrament and enters to be part of the Christian community . Likewise, the baptismal sponsors will also be fundamental, since they will have to help the parents in education in the faith of the child. In this way, if you are going to be a godmother in a baptismal ceremony, you should have it all ready and we offer you some tips on how to dress if you are a godmother of baptism.

Steps to follow:


In the first place, it is necessary to always keep in mind that baptism is a religious celebration, in which children receive a sacred sacrament for the first time. That is why the dress should be consistent with this and in no time we must forget that it is an ecclesiastical ceremony.


In this way, it is recommended that women not wear very pronounced necklines, very short skirts, bare shoulders and back, etc. Likewise, they should not wear very strident colors, such as fluorides, or dress too strikingly.


It should also be noted that this is a semi-formal event, that is, it must be dressed with a formal appearance, although it must not be exceeded, for example, it will not be necessary to wear a label.


On the other hand, when choosing the dress of the godmother for a baptism, it will also be necessary to take into account the time of the year in which the celebration takes place. In many occasions, the good weather is expected to perform the ceremony, but depending on the time of year in which the baby was born, it is also possible that the baptism takes place in cold seasons of the year.


Short dresses or cocktail dresses are a good option, although they should always be at knee height and not shorter. As we pointed out, it is recommended to opt for colors that are not very striking, so that beige, earth colors or pastel colors can be ideal.


In case it is celebrated in spring-summer, make sure you choose fresh fabrics for your godmother's christening outfit, so as not to pass heat in the church during the ceremony.


If the weather is cold or you do not like dresses, there is also the option to opt for a light colored suit, as it should be noted that black will not be the most appropriate color for a baptism.


The shoes for the baptism of your godson / a is recommended that they are of half height, that can go to set with a small bag. As for the rest of accessories, we do not advise you to go too recharged, but opt ​​for a simple look .


Regarding the hairstyle and makeup to attend the communion of your son or daughter, it should not be too overloaded. The most recommended will be a natural makeup and a simple but elegant hairstyle.


As a final tip, when choosing the dress to be a godmother for a baptism, we suggest you choose something that you feel comfortable with, as well as beautiful. The protagonist of the ceremony will be the baby or child who is baptized, but remember that the role of the godmother will also be essential.