How to dress for a company dinner

It is not the same to go to eat with your co-workers the days of each day than to attend a company dinner organized by the bosses; As it is not the same, it can not be the same look that you wear to work that to go to this dinner. An elegant, discreet and sophisticated style is the most appropriate to go to this type of event, however, if you walk a little lost about it, we give you the keys so you know how to dress for a company dinner .

Look with dress

A black or dark colored dress that reaches up to the knee is also a perfect option to go to a business dinner . You must bear in mind that for this type of event you should never wear a dress that is too short or too long and the tonality should be uniform, adding a touch of color and different accessories: bag, coat, necklaces or handkerchief.

One of the colors most in this season are purple, so you can create a look with a purple dress, a neutral coat that matches shoes and accessories, as we show you in the attached image. It is a very fashionable option and with which you will achieve a spectacular appearance and according to the event.

In this article we show you how to combine a purple dress and in this other we give you some ideas to wear purple.

Look with pants

If you are more of pants, we propose a special look for you that will help you to reveal how to dress for a business dinner . For example, you can choose to wear skinny trousers that are a dark color (forget jeans, they are more suitable for the day) and combine it with a party top and a blazer.

Another of the looks you can choose for a company dinner is one of the trend garments of the moment: the monkeys . You can dress with a dark or neutral colored jumpsuit and add elegant accessories that will give you that sophisticated touch ideal for corporate dinner. In this article we show you how to combine a long monkey.

Look with lace stockings

A different and elegant point can be added adding to your look for the company dinner lace stockings that break with the sobriety of your clothing. The ideal to get a look appropriate to the event is to combine them with a simple dress and black skirt for the prominence to acquire the stockings.

You can give a touch of different color in your accessories or your blouse, as you can see in the attached image.

Look for Christmas

If what you are looking for is how to dress for a company dinner but it is celebrated during Christmas you should know that, for these dates, it is recommended to wear with some colors and specific accessories. For example, sequins, lace and velvet are characteristic of this time because they bring a festive and Christmas touch to your look.

You should also bear in mind that black is the essential color for dinners and, at Christmas, the metallic and red tones combined with black acquire a great prominence. Green is also a tone that can be used at Christmas but it is recommended that it be used more during daytime celebrations. In this article we inform you how to dress for a business lunch.

The hairstyle of Christmas is also important, so in you can see a video in which we explain how to comb for a corporate Christmas party.

Male look

Men should also know how to dress for a corporate dinner and wear a casual and elegant appearance that is up to the event. You can choose to wear a suit and tie, reinforcing the most professional and elegant aspect of the person; If you want to give a more casual look to the look, you can choose to wear the suit but without the tie and with the open jacket.

In addition to black, the trend colors for men's fashion are purple and blue, so you can create a look with pants or a purple jacket that contrasts with the rest of the clothing, thus breaking with the traditional costume. a modern and elegant point.