How to find my cat

A pet is part of our family and we love it as such. That's why when desperation disappears for some reason it invades us and we do not know where to start looking, much more in the case of felines that often leave and enter the house frequently. In .com we invite you to be calm and we give you some good suggestions so you know how to find your cat as soon as possible . Photo: Google Images

Steps to follow:


When cats are puppies and more in the case of felines rescued from the street, they are usually very fearful. Their curious quality leads them to hide in unusual places, even in a flat, so the first thing you should do is search under the beds, furniture, appliances and in all the tiny spaces in which a small animal can enter


If the cat is trapped in a small space, it will meow, that's why it's important to have your ear attentive to any sound


No matter how old your cat is, if you live in a flat space is more limited so you should start looking for furniture. If you have a balcony or terrace, check exhaustively in this place and make sure the animal has not jumped, although this option sounds devastating for us, the "acrobatic" characteristic of these animals make it possible


If the previous options are failed, maybe someone in the apartment left the door open for a while and the cat slipped away without anyone seeing it, so it is likely that the animal is still inside the building. Check each of the floors, the stairs, the elevator, the terrace (if you have one) and go door to door asking the neighbors if they have seen it or if someone rescued it


If you live in a house you will have to start, as on the floor, for the internal spaces, then go to the garden and review it exhaustively . It is possible that your cat has stayed in the garden of a neighbor nearby, so we recommend that you also check them


If your pet has the habit of leaving and entering from home at will, then the situation can be a little more complicated unless you know exactly where your cat visits. Start your own tour around the neighborhood, look for open and closed spaces and anywhere you think it can be a good hiding place. Go calling your cat by name, maybe listening to him go to your meeting


If after several laps you can not find it, call immediately one of the animal protection associations of your community and if you do not know any, contact the police to guide you. Prepare posters with the photo of the cat and your contact information to give them to animal protection and distribute them in your neighborhood


Find the veterinary centers closest to your home and call informing them that your cat is missing. If someone found him injured, it is very possible that he was taken to a nearby center. Distribute the posters with the animal's photo also in these places


Visit the animal shelters near your area, your cat may have been picked up and is there. In addition many communities have web pages of lost and found animals, do not hesitate to publish your pet's data there


Be calm and patient, but work energetically to find your cat, the more possibilities you are likely to recover.