How to buy a car in Germany

Germany has a large car market in which, for different reasons, we can find a new car, both high-end and average, cheaper than in Spain. Therefore, there are many people who decide to buy their car in the German country. It is true that the procedures are multiplied, but we can achieve savings compared to buying the same model in Spain. In .com we explain how to buy a car in Germany .

Steps to follow:


First of all, what we have to do is go to the Internet to find the model we want. Once we have found it, we have to inform ourselves about the price of that car in Spain. As an orientation, in order to be cost-effective for the displacement and the additional procedures, the car must be at least 10% cheaper in Germany.


Before moving on to the next step, we must explain that there are intermediary companies that are dedicated to the business of buying cars in Germany to bring to Spain . If we want to save ourselves cumbersome procedures, it is the best solution, but we must do the accounts very well so that finally we do not have to pay the same price as if we bought the car in Spain, or even more.


Once the car is chosen, we will have to contact the dealer in the German city ​​by phone to make the purchase, so that they are ready to receive us and reserve the car for us.


Once the appointment is set, we will have to plan the trip to buy a new car in Germany . Although we have to make stops, there are low cost airlines that link Spain with the German country. They are the best alternative, since they will save us having to spend a night in a hotel. We must book the first flight in the morning so that we have time to do all the paperwork.


At this point, it should be noted that most of the traffic offices in Germany close at twelve thirty in the afternoon, so we must prepare everything to arrive with our new car before that time. In some cities, there are offices that are open all day.


In the dealership we will make the purchase in euros and with VAT, so we will not have any problem and, in addition to our ID, we will have to carry the passport as identification document. The ITV will also pass it there, so much of the paperwork and we will have overcome.


Then, we will go to the traffic office, before twelve thirty, to finalize the procedures and take the car to Spain . At this point, we will be surprised by the simplicity of all the steps if we compare it with the process in our country.


With the new car ready to take us to Spain, we have two options:

  • Hire a transport truck.
  • Drive us the car to our city.


Once in Spain, we must continue with the bureaucratic procedures:

  • Download model 576 and pay taxes at the Treasury.
  • Download the application form from the Internet to enroll it in the DGT.


Now, we will have our new car bought in Germany with all the procedures passed. If we have done the accounts well, we will have saved some money. In this other article, you will know how to buy a used car in Germany.