How to get your cat used to his carrier

Your cat will sooner or later have to enter the carrier that you bought. You may have to go to the vet, go on a trip, take him for a walk ... whatever the case, you should look for a way to enter and feel comfortable in your cabin. It must be recognized that cats do not like to feel locked up, and it will not be an easy task, but you must do everything possible to achieve it. That's why from .com, we're going to give you some tips on how to get your cat used to its carrier .

Steps to follow:


The most important thing is that your cat gets used to seeing the carrier in his room. Let me look at it, smell it, investigate and get the idea that this cabin is yours. We will support this moment with a prize for your cat, choose a sweet that you love or a piece of ham, so that you associate this site as something positive for him, and not only because you give him a treat, but because it has to do with you and with the care you give him. For now, leave the door closed, little by little as you feel more comfortable open it.


When we notice and see that the cat is comfortable with the presence of his carrier, we will open the door and put an interesting prize inside. Thus, you will be curious to enter and you will see that the fact of entering that space is something good and not harmful for him. In these first moments of meetings between cat and carrier, never close the door, we do not want you to feel cornered. As the days go by, try to keep it closed a few minutes, you can gradually increase the time as you see that you feel. And remember to give him some prize through the door so he does not forget how good that place is for him.


You will see how little by little your cat will go from terror to wanting to spend more time in his personal cave. If you see that he likes to sit and rest inside, put a well padded blanket so that he feels very comfortable inside.


If you see that this process of feline education is slower than you expect and you need to take your cat to the vet and is not used to the carrier, we recommend that you put some piece of personal clothing that carries your impregnated smell, or you can even use some feline pheromone diffuser, everything to make you feel more calm and calm.