How to know the time of the car by the registration

The license plate formats of vehicles in Spain have undergone changes over time. One of the data that we can know thanks to the registration is the year of the vehicle, in fact, of the last year in which it was enrolled. In .com we explain how to know the time of the car for the registration.

Steps to follow:


The first thing we need to know is that there are three possible registration formats, depending on the time in which the vehicle was registered.

  • From 1900 to September 7, 1971: A -123456
  • From September 8, 1971 to September 16, 2000: A. 1234. BC
  • From September 17, 2000 to the present: 1234 ABC

In this way, we already have a first approximation to the year of registration .


In the first case, the letter refers to the province, which does not offer us information about the antiquity . It is the numbers that will guide us, the lower, the older the car will be, although analyzing the situation within each province.


In the second case, the first letter also refers to the province. We see that the rest of the enrollment is composed of four numbers and two letters. The higher the numbers and the letters, in alphabetical order, the newer the vehicle will be, also analyzing within each province.


With the current system, information about the province disappears. The registration consists of four numbers and three letters and, just as in the previous case, the higher the numbers and letters, the more recent the enrollment will be.


To specify the date, there are numerous free applications on the Internet in which entering the full license plate, it indicates the exact date in which the car was registered.


It should be noted that the changes in the registration systems occurred because the most populated provinces, Madrid and Barcelona, ​​were going to exhaust the numbers and / or letters; as well as because some provinces changed their denomination, to adapt it to the languages ​​of each territory, such as Lleida and A Coruña.