How is a wildcat

The wild cat or also called wild cat is a species of mammal that, like the domestic cats, belongs to the family of the felines. It is a carnivorous animal and consists of many sub-species depending on the origin: European, Asian and African. Although it has physical similarities with the domestic cat, the wildcat is more robust and lives more wildly, in forests and far from the city. In this article we tell you how a wildcat is.

Physical aspects of the wildcat

The wildcat has a small size, similar to what the average of the domestic cats may have, but they do have a stronger and stronger constitution and, generally, with the bigger head and shorter and wider tail. They usually measure between 50 and 75 centimeters long (without counting the tail), and their weight varies between 2.8 and 6 kilograms, depending also on sex, since the male is always larger than the female.

The predominant color in the wildcat is gray, with ocher or yellow tones, and darker streaked rays on the body, in addition to having the belly in lighter shades. The hair of the wild cat is thick and abundant, and the tail is short and wide, with a kind of black rings and a rounded black ending.


The wildcat lives far from the city, in forests and low mountains, next to rivers or other humid areas. It is a nocturnal species, which performs much of its activity, such as hunting or looking for the female in heat, at night. Normally they spend time among bushes or shrubs, always surrounded by vegetation, although it is very difficult to see them.

Temperament and behavior

The wildcat is solitary and surly, does not like the human presence, and only approaches other cats of its species in time of heat or to hunt. It is nocturnal and the hours of sun are spent in crouching trees and, although it is barely moving, it can stay active for 20 hours and only sleep four. He is a good climber and swimmer, qualities that he uses to hunt his prey, and he has a very developed sense of sight, above all due to his twilight nature. The wildcat has a life expectancy of around 12 years living in freedom.


The wildcat is carnivorous, and as wild and nocturnal as it is, it goes out to hunt at night small rodents, birds from nests in trees, amphibians and rabbits. He eats an amount of approximately half a kilo per day and, even living in forests, never eats fruits or leaves.