How to avoid dermatitis in dogs

Although dermatitis is a disease influenced by hereditary factors, we can carry out a series of habits to try to prevent our dog from developing it. In .com we explain how to avoid dermatitis in dogs and thus guarantee the health and tranquility of your pet.

Cleaning products

An excess of gels or shampoos can trigger a dermatitis in a dog that is prone to it. Therefore, without having to neglect the hygiene of our pet, we must be careful and bathe only when necessary. Our veterinarian will help us to know how often we should do it, depending on the breed of our dog, the place where we live, the animal's activity, etc.


After the bath of our pet, we must dry it very well to minimize the chances of developing dermatitis, especially in areas of your body that have folds. Therefore, we must be very careful when removing all the moisture to our dog after having bathed, especially in these areas candidates to develop the disease.


We must be vigilant if we take our dog for a walk in the field, especially if we do not do it regularly. Some dermatitis in dogs are produced by small animals, such as those that result from the flea bite. Therefore, if we notice that our pet scratches too much after having been in contact with nature, we will have to submit it to a deworming process.


Sometimes dermatitis in the dog is given by a product that is ingested through its feed. Therefore, we must be very attentive to any change in food we make, although if our dog is not prone, there should be no problem. In any case, it is not enough that we are more vigilant when we change the feed.