How to work as a bus driver

The list of possible jobs is almost infinite, there are innumerable job opportunities for any type of person, all of them with a profile that can be perfect for a specific type of professional. The bus driver is a profession that can be perfect for all those people who enjoy driving and who like to work surrounded by people, working for the public.

But as in many other professions, perhaps the most difficult thing is to start, to know what has to be done to enter the working world. That is why in the following article we will explain how to work as a bus driver .

Bus driver job

If you enjoy driving, being a bus driver can be a very good professional outlet to dedicate yourself to. Like any other job, it can be hard, but if you enjoy it, it can be very satisfying.

This work will basically consist of transporting passengers from one destination to another, safely, respecting the rest of the vehicles on the public highway, in the schedule previously envisaged and efficiently in terms of fuel costs.

Normally, the bus driver is also responsible for checking all active and passive safety systems on a regular basis and is responsible for ensuring that the vehicle is clean and in good condition.

In addition, you must provide the necessary information to passengers if they ask you questions about the route or need some guidance. In fact, this is a public service profession. Being a driver is not only driving, but you should be facing the public and help your customers as much as you can.

Studies to be a bus driver

To be able to work as a bus driver, it is necessary to have at least :

  • High school studies
  • Have a category B driving license that is two years old.
  • Do not suffer from any disability that prevents you from exercising the functions of your profession.

However, the obtaining of the class D card is mandatory in the case of wanting to drive buses and, to obtain it, extensive knowledge in heavy vehicle mechanics and its preventive maintenance, traffic regulations, use of public roads, attention to passenger and road safety.

In addition, it is also possible that depending on the company that hires you, impose other requirements such as knowledge of foreign languages, for example, in case you bring tourists or people from other countries.

So, if you want to work as a bus driver you will first have to learn to drive them and learn as much as possible about this vehicle that will be your means of subsistence.

How much does a bus driver charge?

A bus driver can look for work in both the public and private sectors. The average salary is about 13, 000 euros per year, for working 40 hours a week. While in urban transport depending on the city, you can get between 1800 and 2000 euros per month .

It should be noted that, in general and with some exceptions, in the case of private companies salaries can be considerably lower than in the public sector. In the same way, it is also likely that they may become higher in some special cases.