How to train a chihuahua

Although in appearance it is an adorable dog, the fact is that the personality of the Chihuahuas is somewhat aggressive and, above all, very dominant so it is important that you educate them well from the beginning of your relationship so you know the limits and basic rules of conduct that will make your coexistence be favorable. In this article we reveal how to train a chihuahua some basic aspects such as teaching him not to pull the leash, to establish domination and to relieve himself outside.

Steps to follow:


Educate a chihuahua to relieve himself outside . The first thing you should know is that being a small breed dog, the bladder of your pet is also small, so you should remove it more often than a larger dog. It is also advisable to take it out just when you wake up, as it is most likely that you want to urinate and before going to bed you will also go for a last walk.

Therefore, it is recommended that the Chihuahuas go out several times a day to take a walk that you can distribute as you think convenient but that, among all of them, you should not forget to do it in these situations:

  • Just when you wake up in the morning
  • After eating
  • Before going to sleep

These exits are essential for your chihuahua to do his needs outside and get him to associate each ride with the moment to evacuate. Another aspect to keep in mind for the training of your chihuahua is that he does not have access to all the rooms in the house, especially at the beginning when he is not yet educated. The reason is that you can hide somewhere and take advantage of your needs, so at the beginning keep it always in the same area so that it is always visible.

It is important that you know your dog, so he observes his attitudes and behavior whenever he wants to relieve himself: there are dogs that make circles on themselves, others that sniff the ground, and so on. Try to detect these warnings in order to anticipate him and quickly get him out.

When your dog begins to obey, it is important that you reward him so that he associates that that is what you asked him; with positive reinforcement, you will get your dog and you to communicate. In order for him to better understand what you are trying to teach him, it is also advisable that the schedules that you mark always be the same, in this way you will help to regulate his organism and to mark some fixed guidelines of exits to the street.


Establish your domination . We have already told you before that a Chihuahua is a very dominant dog and that whenever he can he will try to establish himself as the king of the herd. This behavior must change from the first day because if you give it free you can develop aggression and become a somewhat unbearable dog. To achieve this domination in front of your pet it is important that you be firm with your decisions : that is, if you have told him not to get on the sofa, never let him do it; otherwise he will perceive that he is the boss.

A habit that you have with small breed dogs is to have them constantly in your arms or, even, tucked inside your bags. You must bear in mind that, however much its size is small, you can not treat it like a baby but you have to do it as you would with a large breed dog; so avoid having it all day in your arms, let the street socialize with others and get your energy spent every time it goes out. At home it is also not recommended that you have it on for a simple reason: if you are on the sofa and your dog is in your lap, then you can not stop it from going up because it has already been with you. To establish the boundaries of your territory and yours it is important that you follow these basic rules.

Other ways to promote your authority before your dog is walking in front of him, making him wait to enter the house and that you be the first to do it, eat before him, and so on. First you have to be you and then him, in this way you will understand that you are the leader and will accept his position in your peculiar herd.


Educate your chihuahua at the time of the ride . As we have just commented, it is important that you mark your authority in front of your dog, that is why it is necessary that at the moment of going out to the street you teach your dog to walk by your side ; In addition to the needs of limits, it is also highly recommended to avoid any type of accident or danger that your dog may experience.

The way to get it to walk next to you is to take it tied with a strap that does not pull and, in the moment in which it is ahead of you (which it will do because it is dominant) throw it in a dry and fast way of the strap and correct it so that it returns to your side. Each time I walk with you, reward your behavior with a doggie treat so that you understand what you are asking for. You must be patient because the Chihuahuas are stubborn dogs that will always try to put themselves before you but with constancy and regularity they will end up accepting their role.

In this article we give you more tips so you know how to educate a dog so that it does not pull on the leash.


Teach that your Chihuahua feels . It is a very useful practice that will help your dog to calm down in some situations and, when you are on a walk, avoid any quick escape that could end in a fright. To get your dog to feel there are two options: the first is to put a treat near the nose and raise your hand to the sky saying the order "Sit, " "Sit" or whatever you want. By the simple inertia of following the trail, your dog will place his butt on the ground; As soon as he does, congratulate him and give him his reward. Go repeating this training with candy and then remove it to understand what you ask.

The other way to get your chihuahua to obey the command to sit down is by pressing down on his butt and saying the "Sit" order until he gets to sit down; as soon as he does, give him a treat and give him affection so that he understands that when you throw that order you are asking for that gesture. You should go repeating this exercise until your can directly associate it.


Especially what you should avoid when you are in the process of educating a Chihuahua is to be aggressive, hit him or shout too much. Keep in mind that it is a very sensitive and fearful dog and if it starts to have fear, every time you approach you will try to defend yourself with barking, aggressiveness and biting. Therefore, edĂșcale with firmness but without showing aggressive, this way you will get to have an incredible relationship.

In this video we show you what a chihuahua is like so that you understand his personality, his characteristics and his needs.