How to fix a scratched Xbox 360 game

The Xbox 360 is Microsoft's second video game console. Xbox 360 games can be scratched after intensive use, or when exchanged between your friends. Problems have also been reported about the rotation of the Xbox 360 disc, which could cause scratches. Although it is not always possible to repair an Xbox 360 game after it has been scratched, there are some steps you can try before buying a new game.

You will need to:
  • Brush
  • Glasses cleaning cloth for glasses
  • Liquid crystal cleaner
  • Carnauba wax for car
Steps to follow:


Blow on the disc to remove excess dust that may be on top of the xbox game . Gently brush the whimsical powder off the disc with a clean, dry brush.


Use a clean cloth to clean lenses to polish the disc with a vertical movement. Clean from the inside of the disc to the outside (do not polish the disc in a circular motion).


Apply a small amount of glass cleaner on the polishing cloth. Once again, polish with a vertical movement from the inside to the outside of the disc. Let the disc dry.


Place a small amount of carnauba car wax on the polishing cloth. Polish the disc in the same vertical movement, towards the outside. The wax of the car will fill any small scratch.

  • Make sure there is no moisture or wax for cars left on the disc when trying to see if the game works. Carefully clean any excess and let the game dry.