How to add effects to Snapchat

Until a few months ago, adding effects to Snapchat's photos was complicated, since you had to write a special code with the smartphone's keyboard. With the latest update, however, everything is easier. You just have to activate that you want all the filters and effects in the configuration settings of the app and then use them with a simple movement of your finger on the screen. In .com we explain how to add effects to Snapchat.

Steps to follow:


Open Snapchat and go to " Settings ", you will find it moving your finger from left to right on the screen and, in the list of images, in the configuration wheel that appears on the top right.


Once there, go to Additional services> Manage.


Activate all options by moving the switch to the right.


Return to the Snapchat main screen, which shows what the camera sees. Swipe your finger horizontally from right to left: you will see the different filters that you have access to, in addition to the possibility of adding the temperature it makes, the time it is or the speed at which we are going.