How to add music on the iPhone from my computer

The iPhone is one of the most demanded by users for its simplicity and simplicity when using it. However, most of us who acquire one of them we are aroused the same question, how can I pass music to my iPhone ? Nowadays, one of the biggest attractions of smartphones is that they offer us the opportunity to carry several devices in one. That is, mobile phones have integrated audio systems through which we can listen to music without using an iPod or any other device, video systems through which we can view any type of film, photography, etc. If you just bought an Apple phone and you also have this doubt, in this article we explain how to add music to your iPhone from your computer .

Steps to follow:


To be able to pass music to your iPhone you must have iTunes on your computer, because this is an indispensable tool to be able to transfer audio tracks to your phone. You must connect the iPhone to the computer using the USB cable.


Now, so you can add the music to the phone, you must first have it in iTunes. How is it done? Very easy. Open iTunes and click on ' Playlists ', you will see that it is in the top center bar.


Then, you just have to look in your computer for the audio folder you want to add to iTunes, then go to the iPhone, select it with the mouse and drag it to the left sidebar of iTunes (which corresponds to the playlists). And you'll have the music inside iTunes.


Now it's time to add it to your iPhone. To do this, click on the 'iPhone' tab, located at the top right. Once inside you will see that it shows you a summary of your mobile device at the level of applications, use, etc., click on the ' Music ' section, located in the top bar.


Then, you must check the box 'Synchronize music' . Once checked, select the one of ' Playlists, artists, albums and selected genres ' to be able to select the tracks you want. The other two subcategories can be marked or not, depending on whether you are interested in passing a music video to your iPhone or not.


You will see that below you will see the playlists you have in iTunes, select the one you added in the previous steps and click on all the boxes. Our example is blank, but you will get the name of the artist, the genre of the music and the name of the album.


Click on ' Apply ', located in the lower bar on the right. If you have not backed up your computer it will probably start now, but do not worry because you can cancel it by clicking on the button next to the waiting bar.


You will see that now the ' Synchronize ' tab appears on the bottom bar, click on it. Now you just have to wait for the synchronization process to finish so that the music can be transferred to your iPhone, this can take a few minutes. Once finished, you just have to press on 'Accept', located in the upper bar on the right and you're done, you'll have your music on the iPhone!

  • Use the iTunes store to buy new music for the iTunes library.