How to lock the screen with Mac OS X Lion (or later)

The screen lock function is very useful, for example, when you are at work and you get up for a short break, making sure that nobody touches your things. How to get block your screen quickly with Mac OS X? There are different ways, and they vary slightly depending on the version of OS X you use. In .com we will explain two of the easiest ways to do it for Mac OS X Lion (or later versions). Keep reading.

You will need to:
  • Mac OS X with Lion or a later version
Steps to follow:


Method 1: Through the corners. Enter the System Preferences.


Click on the "Mission Control" link.


Click on the "Corners" button (Hot corners, in English), located in the bottom left of the screen.


You will see a window with the configuration of the four corners of the computer, choose the corner you want to use to block the computer screen, for example the top right, and click on the arrows of the combo (see image).


Choose the option "Take a rest" (in English, Put display to sleep) and click on ok.


Close all windows (it will not ask for more confirmations), and we're done. Each time you take the mouse pointer to the upper right corner of your Mac (or the corner you have set) it will go into sleep mode and you will need to enter the password to unlock it. If you do not like this method, here is another method that consists of placing an icon in the menu bar. Stay tuned


Method 2: Icon in the menu bar. Go to System Preferences.


Click on "Users and groups".


Click on "Login options". To be able to edit the login options, you must unlock the padlock that appears in the lower left part of the window. Click on the padlock and enter your password.


Now you can edit the options. Check the fourth option, so that the option to block screen appears in your menu bar.


Choose if you want the whole name, a short name or an icon to appear and close all the windows (you will not need to save any more changes).


We have already finished. Every time you want to block the screen using this method, you only have to go to the icon (short name or long name) that now appears in your menu bar, click on it, and finally click on "Login".

  • Use the screen lock to protect your computer when it can be available to anyone.