How to adopt a greyhound

To adopt a dog you just have to have the intention that the new pet becomes one of the family; There are many people who believe that a greyhound needs special needs, when most of them are calmer than many other animals.

Do you want to know how to adopt a greyhound ? In we talk about one of the best associations in Spain ... read carefully!

You will need to:
  • A computer with Internet access.
Steps to follow:


Learn through the network what the needs of a greyhound are, and then go to the website of galgos 112.


Select 'On adoption' in the 'Our greyhounds and hounds' category and check out the different greyhounds and hounds that are in adoption.

You will find a photograph of each of them, their race and date of birth, as well as any other information about them, such as a short biography.


Once you have chosen the greyhound you want to adopt, fill in the adoption form on your website. The steps are very simple and you will not have to download anything.


Galgos112 is one of the most committed greyhound collection organizations in Spain; In a few hours you will get an answer and a volunteer will come to your house to do a little interview and give you information. Ready!

  • The greyhound will be delivered vaccinated, wormed, sterilized and microchipped.