How to adopt a cat

Adopt a cat from an adoption center is a civic and responsible option that we must consider if we are thinking about acquiring a cat as a pet. Adoption has many advantages over the purchase: you can choose from a variety of cats, you can see the available cats before visiting the adoption center since almost all of them have web pages with pictures of the cats for adoption, you can get a personalized advice by the people in charge of the center and receive support after the adoption. The main advantage of the adoption is that the cats are sanitarily controlled, identified and with the sanitary card up to date and in most cases they are already neutered. If you are thinking about adopting a cat, keep in mind the following tips:

Steps to follow:


Each pet adoption center has its own adoption system so it is convenient to contact them first to inform them of the schedule, the price of the "rescue" and the necessary documentation to adopt a cat .


So that the choice of the cat is correct it is important that all the people who are going to live with the cat go to the animal adoption center.


To choose the cat we must take into account the recommendations of the staff of the center on the character and state of health of the cat and not let ourselves be carried away only by its appearance.


The people in charge of the reception center will inform you of the state of health of each cat . If he is a kitten he has to be playful and very active, if not, something happens. If it is an adult cat it is normal that it is not active. In any case it is important to see that there are no secretions in eyes, nose or ears.


In case of adopting a kitten we should make sure that it has more than 6 weeks.


We must make sure that they give us the vaccination and deworming card so that once at home your veterinarian can do the correct follow-up.

  • The first days of adopting a cat are important, get in touch with the shelter if you see that the cat can not adapt to the new environment.