How to share photos from the iPhoto

iPhoto is a program that comes by default on your Mac. It is a software used to manage the images you have on your computer. One of the most interesting features of iPhoto is to share images to various social networks, Facebook, Flickr, MobileMe, etc. Here's how to do it:

Steps to follow:


Select the image or images that you want to upload in the iPhoto library, by clicking on the photo, you will see that it appears in yellow.


Click on the "Share" option in the lower right corner of the iPhoto window.


Select in the menu the name of the site to which you want to upload the images. Follow the on-screen instructions offered on the specific site to load the images.


Select the image or images in the iPhoto library that you want to upload.


Open the "File" menu and select "Export."


Go to the "Export File" option. Adjust the settings of the "export" window, if desired. The default settings are appropriate for most online uses.


Click on the "Export" button. Select the location where the exported file should be saved and click on the "Accept" button.


Click on the upload tool on the website you want, to upload photos. Go to the location of the image or images that you export. Select the image or images, and press the "Open" or "Save" button. Complete the load with the options available on the site you are using.