How to scare away a cat

The cat is an animal of marked hygienic habits that whenever he can he prefers to take his needs away from the place where he eats. For this reason it is very common that if a neighbor has a cat that can enter and leave freely from home, or if it is a stray cat, it sneaks into a garden in the neighborhood and use it as a bath, digging ground and spoiling the plants.

If you have this problem and you need to ask yourself " how can I chase cats from my terrace or garden? "Then you can try talking to the owner of the cat, if he has one, although he can hardly do anything to avoid the situation. However, in we give you several tips that will show you other useful techniques to know how to chase away a cat .

How to chase away street cats from my house with citrus

One of the first tips we can give you so you know how to chase away a cat is to keep the shell of the citrus fruits you eat and distribute them in areas of the garden where cats usually sneak. These skins are one of the best products to scare away cats, which is also a very economical option.

Avoid leaving food within the reach of street cats

Another way to get away from cats is that, if you like to leave some food because you care about their welfare, avoid feeding them in the area of ​​your house or next to it. It is evident that, if you do not want the street cats or the neighbors to enter your home, you should not give them food but the food can not only be found because you give it to them but because you have the habit of leaving the garbage outside, to throw shells or organic elements on the outside, et cetera.

If you have the garbage can outside, you can close it in an airtight way so that the cats can not get hold of the contents inside and are constantly returning to your home.

If the problem you have is that you want to help the stray cats but you have noticed that they destroy the garden or the plants, then we recommend that you keep leaving food but away from your house . Find a safe area of ​​the street, in a park or a lot, where you can be quiet and go there to leave them food, so you will relocate them and they will not enter you at home.

How to chase a stray cat with pepper

Pepper powder is another good tactic to scare away cats from your garden or terrace. The idea is to put the pepper in the usual areas where the cats are usually placed and, in this way, when the cat wants to go back in, the pepper will cause itching in the nose and make him sneeze. This way you will get, little by little, due to this smell that repels the cats, the animal will associate your house as an uncomfortable place and stop going.

Water: one of the best home remedies to scare away cats

If you keep asking " what to do so that cats do not enter my garden, terrace or house ", as there are those who go inside especially if other cats live in the house, then we recommend you try the water .

By all it is known that, generally, water is something that felines do not like, much less if it makes noise or appears suddenly. So, if you want to scare off cats, it is a good option to have a hose or install an automatic irrigation system in your garden or terrace. The water will not harm the cats, but it will scare them and make them not come as often to your home.

Lavender, rue and other plants to chase away cats

The aromas of some plants repel the cats so if you want to know how to chase away the cats, plant in your garden lavender or thyme, or fruit trees such as orange or lemon trees, these are plants that have a strong aroma and therefore They do not like these animals.

Another plant that will surely work to chase away a cat from your garden or terrace is the rue, since it has a very strong and unpleasant smell, which even bothers people if we smell it up close. In addition, this plant will color your garden with its stems and very green leaves and yellow flowers and is very simple, it does not require much care.

Also, you can plant in your garden a shrub called Coleus Canina, "Cowardly Cat" or "Pissastop". This bush is very similar to lavender, with some bluish or violet flowers at the tip, so it looks great for us but it repels cats .

A fence to prevent cats from entering your house

There is a simple and decorative solution that can prevent street cats from entering your garden, orchard or house, as well as the neighbor's cat. This tart idea about installing a fence or fence but having a little outward tilt, so that it will be much more complicated for the animals to climb it and enter your property.

You can also choose to build a complete fence with bars, as a cage, in case you have a garden, you will be much more sure of the intrusion of these and other animals when you are not in the field.

Home repellent to chase away cats

If none of the home remedies worked for you, there are concentrated natural repellents made to scare the cats away without hurting them. Not there! FORTE of the Señor Cat® brand is effective in 9 out of 10 cats of any race and age.

  • You can also use these tricks if you have a cat at home that you want to keep away from some areas of the home.