How to uninstall the Flash in Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a Linux-based operating system that looks and works similar to Microsoft Windows. Ubuntu can be installed next to Windows or any other operating system, or it can be executed directly from the Ubuntu LiveCD. Ubuntu is an open source software and offers quick and easy access to other open source applications through the Ubuntu Software Center. Applications that include the Flash plug-in are also uninstalled through the Software Center.

Steps to follow:


Click on "Applications" on the top toolbar on the Ubuntu desktop.


Click on "Software Center" from the context menu.


Click on "Installed Software" in the navigation pane on the left. A list of installed software will appear.


Search and click on the Flash Plug-in Input.


Click on the "Delete" button in the right corner of the Flash entry in the list. The Progress indicator will open in the navigation panel on the left, which shows that a file "(1)" is in progress. When the program has been deleted, the "(1)" will disappear. Adobe Flash has been removed.